Weapon Strike
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Weapons are classed by color in the ShadowLands.  The spectrum has been expanded to 10 colors.
     R    Red
     O   Orange
     Y     Yellow
     G   Green
     B     Blue
     I      Indigo
     V    Violet
     W   White
     A    Argent
     B    Black

Swords are measured from the tip of the blade to the crossguard.  Weapons can always be shorter than the Max Length.

Colors.jpg (3048 bytes) Weapon Name Base Dmg Max Blade Length Max # +'s
Knife 1 15 inches +1
Dagger 2 18 inches +2
Short Sword 3 21 inches +3
Straight Sword 4 24 inches +4
Broad Sword 5 27 inches +5
Heavy Broad Sword 6 30 inches +6
Long Sword 7 33 inches +7
Heavy Long Sword 8 36 inches +8
Bastard Sword 9 42 inches +9
Two-Handed Sword 10 No Max +10

Axes and Clubs are not as strictly regulated as swords.  Below is a guideline of approximate lengths for these weapons.

Axes And Clubs
Colors.jpg (3048 bytes)

Base Dmg

Max Weapon Length

Max # +'s
1 27 inches +1
2 30 inches +2
3 33 inches +3
4 36 inches +4
5 39 inches +5
6 42 inches +6
7 45 inches +7
8 48 inches +8
9 No Max +9
10 No Max +10

Missle:  Had thrown weapons.   Bows are beginning to show.  As yet neither has been used heavily enough to have had rules nailed down for them.  Stay tuned.

Misc: If anyone wants to make an unusual weapon for mostering they are welome too (as long as the weapon is safe).  We have had staves, claws and even a very lumpy polearm.  Atypical weapons for players are another matter.  One the player would have to purchase the weapon.  Secondly the weapon cannot be longer than the max length that clas could use unless it was something unweildy enough (the lumpy polearm somes to mind) that the length is offset by usabilty.

Named Weapons
Frgomer +? Two-Handed Sword
Glandryth's blade was more than steel and enchaments.
DoomHerald +5 Broad Sword
Margen's sword
TomeSealer ?
Undead scorge
StarFury +1 Violet Mace (+4 at night)
Fentigan's defender
SoulCutter +4 Heavy Long Sword
Thorn +3 Long Sword
GolbinCutter +1 Knife
Stone's boon, Chells' purchase

Weapon Construction

Broken weapons

Use of Illegal Weapons


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