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Wrap Up



Monsters should always have index cards and a pen.  After combat is over sketch out what the results were and bring that card to the AM.  Card should contain stuff like: Players in fight, number and levels of monsters fought, who died, surviving players' remaining Hps.

Optimally monsters should give a card to players too.  The bare minimum on player card should be remaining Hps but if it can be done quickly the rest of info would be good too.

Monsters, try and have a lootable bags on youYou will likely have a pack that contains gear players should not loot (the total monster coinage, game notes, monster talismans, index cards, etc.)  Make sure that is not the only thing you have with you.  It is no fun to find win a fight and have nothing to loot from it.  Be sure to refill lootable bags after each fight.

Players, hopefully you are not the type to carry all your worldly goods with you. Dieing is now much easier and monsters should be able to loot you too.  In the past we have always been nice and just taken a few things but really you should not be wandering the woods with your character's whole bounty.

If you are a monster looting a player, please only loot things that monster would take.  Goblins would not take Dusts of Appearance.  Skeletons would probably not take anything.  Cultists might take it all.  A Troll would probably rip off a limb and munch on it as it ambled off. (Hmm would this be curse or do we need a Regeneration spell?)

Killed in Combat
If you are dropped to zero or less hit points you must drop to the ground and lay prone.  For the ten minutes or so you are considered dieing.   In this state you are not allow to move from the spot.  You cannot cast spells or read scrolls.  Both of these actions would require more concentration than your mangled body for muster. 

The only ways to avoid death on your own would be to activate a channeled item that would bring you hits points to at least 1 or drink a potion that would do the same.  Spells such as Heroism are intended for combat but if one was not to far from town the use of such an item last long enough for you to get yourself to the temple is ok

Monsters may hang about for those ten minutes and prevent you from healing if they so choose.  This tends to annoy players so monsters don't do it every time unless the plot warrants it.

After ten minutes, you are dead.   To return to the living you would need to use the 4th level Raise Dead Spell.   If You are not Raised during the Adventure then you are looking at the more complicated Resurrection spell.

If you die alone in the woods and cannot heal yourself, you have a few options.  Laying there and waiting is a great way to earn respect exps from the AM's but can be terribly boring.  The other option is to return to town and find an AM.  Do not talk to the other players.  The AM may do many things.  Tip off your friends via a Leshie or a God of your plight.   They may have something loot you some and have your body dumped in town by a satyr.   Who knows.  The one thing you should not do is go looting while waiting to be found or on your way back to town.

The rules for Big Dead are up in the air so I'll work them in later.



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