Changing Classes

Character Advancement


In creating a character a player must first choose a Character Class. There are eight major classes of characters: Fighters, Diviners, Druids, Crafters, Scholars, Templars, Mages, and Rogues.

Once a major class is decided upon the player then selects the sub-class that most interests them. It is highly recommended you choose a class that will fit the persona you wish to play and not select it merely on the basis of powers.  One's class will often be a major factor in shaping the personality, goals and beliefs of your character.  Each class inherently has a feel and predilection to it.  Take the Nihilist and Duelist for example.  They have almost identical powers and yet they have completely opposite personalities.  The first's loathing of magic ranges from extreme to fanatical.  The other loves magic and lives for the trill of its use.

It is these built-in boosts that can help you draw a mental picture of who you wish to play.  They are merely guides though.  You may like the Journeyman but would rather play a traveling vagabond than a woody druid.  That's fine by us.   You may come up with class that fits your idea of what you wish to play and works within our system.  If so it will probably become part of our game.

Try not make all the choices about your character before you first play either.  Almost all if not everyone of us has been shaped by playing in the adventures.  It is in the game you will meet your first God, undertake your first quest, fight your first battle.  Anyone of these things or thousands of others could be a spark that flares your persona to life. 

Characters start knowing two spells and with 3 silver pieces.  New characters can sacrifice one skill point, if they get any, to know a third spell.



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