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How are Spells Cast?

During combat if you wish to invoke a spell or spell like effect you must do three things:

  1. You must clearly call out the spell:  PLEASE try and call it out in the manner which follows.  It does us no good to have people stopping combat to ask what the spell is, what level is it and how does it work.  So here is how you call a spell.
           Who it effects
            Spell Name
            Basic Effect
    Stone level 2 Spell Strike 3 points
    Matt, Steve, Albie level 2 Spell Strike spread 2 points each
    Raith and Navlys, level 3 Hypnotic Pattern 1 minute
     If you are going to cast on yourself you don't need to say "Me" or such.  Usually casters just clap a hand to their chest or arms and announce Spell Name and Effect.

    If you cannot state what your spell is and it's effect, the spell does not work. 
    Saying the above in order would be nice but not 100% vital (if you annouce the level before the target it's not a failure), but the above info is the spell. Not being able to call it out is the D&D equivalent to a spell misfireing.
  2. Touch or Point at Targets:  Casting a spell is fast but you do need to stop swinging while you are casting.  Clearly touch or point at the person or persons effected by the spell.   You can point with your sword or with your spellcard.  That's fine.  
    Touch spells (which are anything in the Healing sphere) should be with hand though.  Whacking your bud with your weapon and shouting "Madera level 3 heroism 4 points" is just not right (fun but wrong).   If casting on an item, touch that item.

  3. Throw spellcard:  Unless you are using a channeled item or potion,  you must throw the spellcard appropriate to that effect you are casting.  If it is a personal spell then just toss any spellcard. 

    Potions must be drunk in combat.  Please be careful that you do not get the bottle smashed into your teeth.  If you are attacking someone drink one really try not to hit the drinking arm once they have it to their mouth.  Granted if you want to try and knock it away before that point, go head, just control your swing so the bottle does not hurt anyone.

    If It a scroll then it has to be that scroll thrown.  If after the battle it turns out you tossed the wrong thing or even worse cast something you did not have the monsters should note that on both their and your encounter cards.  If the miscast was really significant then the monsters may change the outcome of the battle.   This should not be done lightly but should be allowed. 

    Unfortunately it does not work the other way around.  Monsters must throw cards (if the AM forgets to make them then help out and make some for yourselves) but since they are playing characters new to them throwing wrong card is a bit more forgivable.

What happens when Multiple People are Casting?
Spell Casters cannot cry out spells like an auctioneer.  They must throw a card or use an item for each spell they cast and there must be somewhat of a pause between spells.  Generally one person will cast a spell then the opposing side casts.  If you manage to surprise an opponent, you are free to cast a second spell before waiting for them to respond.  If they are completely stupified, go ahead and cast again.

Simultaneous casting could be a problem.  Shouting over each other could be a nightmare but on the other hand it could make a big difference who goes first.  The rule here is each player is allowed to respond to that last spell cast at him or her regardless if that spell would kill them.   Magic in the Shadowlands works at the speed of thought.  So as the enemies spell is touching you, you can counter cast.  Note: Spells cannot be dodged this way.  If mage casts a Spell Strike which would kill target druid and the druid casts Teleport to Safety then the druid is teleported but arrives dead.

How many Spells can I use in a Combat?

Each combatant is limited to using whatever spells per period they have and two additional effects. 

Any spells the player has in effect prior to combat count towards the total number of spells that player can use in the combat. If you cast them then they are subtracted from the spells you can cast.  If they are cast by another, please read the section below concerning secondary casting.  

Spells Per Period:
Mages 4
Templars, Diviners, & Scholars 3
Fighters, Druids & Crafters 2
Rogues 1 or 2
Tattoos will add an additional spell per period.
Additional Effects:
Scrolls Scrolls cards must be thrown in order for the spell to work.  The maximum level scroll a player can use is one level higher than the maximum spell level he or she can cast.
Channeled Items Cards for expended channeled items charges are turned over to the monsters or combat AM at the end of combat.   Players are not limited by level as to what level channeled items they can use. Each charge of the channeled item counts as one spell effect.
Alchemical Items The physical prop for the item must actually be used for the spell effect to take place (potions must be drunk, dust scattered).  Cards for expended alchemical items are turned over to the monsters or combat AM at the end of combat.  Players are not limited by level as to what level alchemical items they can use.
Prayer Points Prayer cards must be thrown in order for the spell to work.  The maximum level spell level a God/Goddess can bestow depends on the deity being called upon.
Boons These cards should be presented when their effect stakes place.
Pot Luck I'm sure there are a ton of others too out there.  Use your common sense.

Secondary Casting
The two effect rule applies not only to your casting but also spells cast on you by friends before combat.  If you know you are going to fight the Great Gukamuk, your buddies cannot buff the hell out of you before combat and send you on your way.  On the other hand they can join you in the combat and cast spells on you, but they are now part of that combat.  They cannot leave without using an escape spell (Run, Teleport, etc.)
The exception here is if a Decree of Combat or similar type spell is invoked during a battle.  A Decree issued before a battle makes no difference as those in are in and those excluded cannot interfere.  If the Decree is issued after a battle has begun then the Champion must pick which two lasting effects remain. 
If someone other than the Champion had Spell Striked the enemy before the Decree of Combat was called those hit points are not returned.



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