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Card Maker V2.0
This program uses MSAccess 2000.  It will generate all the cards for your players:
Spell Cards
Skill Cards
Virtue Cards
Deity Boon Cards
     and can generate a dozen different specialty Cards for permanent
      items and class skills.
The program does not create treasure cards.
The 3 fonts used in the program are:
         Engravers Old English BT
         Oz Handicraft BT

Card Maker V1.0
MSAccess 97 version

Card Maker V3.0
MSAccess 2003 version

AM Score Sheet
I stil need to track down a copy of the Excel Sheet.  If some one has it Please send to me.  I may turn this into a form on the site so you can just enter your exps here.

VirtueCalc:   To use this you need to pull the VirtueData.txt from the site and link or import it into the Db

Here's one for the AC crowd.  A nice tool for your fletchers.


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