Weapon Strike
    Fighting Rules

Wrap Up



Armor much like weapons are classed by color into 10 levels.
     R    Red
     O   Orange
     Y     Yellow
     G   Green
     B     Blue
     I      Indigo
     V    Violet
     W   White
     A    Argent
     B    Black

For all intensive purposes Armor equates to additional Hit Points.  So when you declare you Hps at the beginning of a combat be sure to add your Armor points to your Base health.

Colors.jpg (3048 bytes) Name Hp Value
Robe 1
Leather Armor 2
Studded Leather Armor 3
Ring Mail 4
Chain Mail 5
Heavy Broad Sword 6
Banded Mail 7
Plate Mail 8
Faerie Plate 9
Wizard Plate 10

Shields do not add any point to ones Hp total, nor do they do any damage if one were to strike an opponent with one.  They are simply a tool to block weapon swings or missile attacks (they cannot block spell strikes though).


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