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Spells that can be cast in combat fall into to two categories: Incremental Spells and All-Or-Nothing Spells. 
Incremental spells are things  like Spell Strike or Heroism.  In other words spells that change the amount of Health someone has.  These are usually the biggest time wasters in combat so these are going to be the ones we are trying to pair down and simplify.
All-Or-Nothing spells are easier (though a lot of time can be lost choosing these spells, but by getting rid of the Casting Phase should speed that up).  All-Or-Nothings are things like Sleep (unless dispelled opponent is out of combat), Teleport (same idea just its caster that's out instead). 
The idea behind these groups are if math is involved in resolving the spell its an Incremental.  If not its an All-Or-Nothing.  Both pf these groups are the only spells that can be cast in combat.  (well I guess you could still cast a read rune in the midst of a melee but you get my drift. These are the only spells that normally can affect a combat.)

Incremental Spells:

Spell Effect Sphere
Stone Skin +X Hps Battle & Avoidance
Enchant Weapon +X to Weapon Strike Battle
Spell Strike X Direct Dmg Battle
Heroism   +X Hps Healing
Exorcism X Direct Dmg to Spirits Metaphysical
Spirit Shield +X Hps against Spirits Metaphysical

All-Or-Nothing Spells:

Spell Effect Sphere
Spell Shield Incoming spell either works or is blocked Battle & Avoidance
Dispel Magic Incoming spell either works or is negated Avoidance & Metaphysical
Battle Cry Creates a combat Battle
Shackle Blocks escape spells Battle
Rage Blocks escape spells Battle
Duel Limits combat to 1-on-1 Battle
Arena Limits participants in combat Battle
Metamorph Avoids Combat Avoidance
Run Escape Combat Avoidance
Teleport   Escape Combat Avoidance
Teleport to Safety   Escape Combat Avoidance
Trance Takes opponent out of combat Avoidance
Fear Takes opponent out of combat Avoidance
Sleep Takes opponent out of combat Avoidance
Calm Ends Combat Metaphysical

Oddball Spells: (not quite sure which group they fall into)

Spell Effect Sphere
Wraithform Blocks Physical Dmg by both caster & attackers Battle & Avoidance
Eldritch Form Block Magical Dmg to caster Battle & Avoidance
Body Double Creates Double in combat Avoidance
Doppelganger Creates Double in combat Avoidance
Protection vs. Undead Needs to be reworked Healing

These should be all of the spells usable in a combat. It would be really great if both players and monsters had at least these spells memorized.  Knowing Detect Power or Faerie Balm is great but not knowing them does not slow combat to a crawl.

Weapon Strikes:

For the most part all weapons do 1 point of damage



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