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    First Strike
    Fighting Rules

Wrap Up



After the First Strike all weapons do 1 point of damage on each following hit.  Hits must be solid.  Knicks don't count.  Also it it quite possible to catch someone's garments with what feels like a good hit but not actually have the blow connect with your opponents body.  These don't count either.  

As a rule of thumb the one being hit determines whether or not a blow was countable or not.  In cases where someone is repeatedly naysaying what you are sure are good hits, talk to them first.  If no resolution is easily forthcoming, finish the combat and talk to an AM.  Don't hash it out in the field.  It rarely works out to anyone's satisfaction that way.

Head Shots
There are two spots that even solid hits to never count.  The head and face is one.  The other is groin shots.   If someone gets nailed in either of those spots, halt combat and if needed give the person a moment recover.  Purposely leading with your head is not an acceptable strategy.  The shots won't count but eventually someone will tag you hard enough teach you that lesson. 
If someone hits you in the head or groin accidentally, do not blow a gasket.  If they do so again and again warn them.  If they hit one more time in the head or groin, they loose the fight. Doesn't matter if they have 50 hitpoints left and last shot would have killed their last remaining foe. Granted their may be times when you have to temper this rule, say in a fog filled room or pitch dark night or if the monster's attire included a full mask or helm and they really cannot see well.   Let fighter know if they are decapitating everyone and deal with it.  If you can't see pay attention to how high you're swinging. 

Keeping Track
It is a fighters responsibility to:
    1) Call to "HIT"  each time they are struck.  Do not call the hits you
         make, just those you receive.
    2)  Keep track of their remaining hit points.  This is tough when you
          are concentration on battle, but stopping to recalculate every few
           minutes kills the flow of battle.
When you call hit it is a good idea to call out your remain Hit points.

Many combats have pauses.  Mostly to catch ones breath.  There is no rule that states if you and your opponent pause that you have to be chivalrous and warn him that you are attacking once more.  Play it by ear.  If you are playing a Myrmidon then, yes you should ask "Ready"   For a Cutthroat, its totally optional.  If someone offers you a breather then pounds you it is perfectly legal.

Usually combat is broken up into a series of exchanges.  Often you will get a good body blow and then cut low into a leg.  This is fine.  What is not allow is what we call Pummeling.  Once you have made your attack or combo then you should break and begin again.  By this I mean step back.  You are not allowed to get right up to someone and flail away.  The maximum hits without breaking under normal circumstances is three hits.  The third hit though had better be something well done.  Many combats you have a one-two combo but there have been many times where people have had their foe off balance enough that to land one more good one.  Three fast Whack-Whack-Whacks is not the same thing.  
The way to distinguish between Pummeling and Combos is where your hits land.  In order for hits to count they must strike different parts of the body from the hit before it.  Break the body up into six sections; Right Leg, Right Torso, Right Arm, Left Leg, Left Torso, & Left Arm.  If you happen to get along side an opponent then if would be Front Legs, Front Torso, Arms, Back Legs & Back Torso. 
Even a two hit combo does not count if you strike the same body location twice.  If you hit someone then break and then hit them again in the same spot that is a different story.  Those count.

The exception to the rule is if someone slips and falls prone.  While they are laying there or rolling to their feet, feel free to carve them up.

Sometime you have a case where you wish to use you body rather than your weapon.  A good example might be a horde of lowly goblins against a high level fighter.  With the right spells and weapon the fighter maybe be able to wipe out a large mob.  So rather than be skewered one by one, the monsters may rush the man and bear him down.   This is perfectly legit.  There are a couple of conditions though.
   1) No punching.  Grabbing, holding, tackling even are fine.  No blows.
   2) Watch the terrain.  If the ground is rocky or littered with sharp
        branches or stumps, overbearing must be done carefully. This
       means words grab but don't pull opponent down.  Tell the one you're
        subduing "You're overborne but its too rocky so stop fighting"

        * As a note,  we really should be trying not to fight in these areas
         in the first place. 

How to act in combat

Deliberate illegal hits or using illegal weapons are not to be tolerated.  Punching, full force head shots, even hitting an accepted body part as hard as you can are all not acceptable. 

You are allowed to swing hard, as a matter of fact tippy-tappy attacks are more likely to be ignored than counted.  How hard you swing should be moderated though.  Each set of combatants should determine how rough combat is.  Some people (like me) would rather have heavy swings and so (in my mind) have a more realistic battle.  There are others who really don't want to get pummeled black and blue.  The first rule is try and learn who likes what style of melee.  The circle is small enough to know try and remember who you can and cannot pound.  

If you are fighting someone and they are hurting you, say so.  Simply say  "Too Hard".  The rule here is the same as the head shot rule.  3 strikes and you're dead.  Doesn't matter if you were winning or not.
Now there is a caveat here.  We debated the featherweight, little untralight weapons and they were voted down.  So you must realize that the weapons are going to hurt some.  The three strikes are not going to apply if you call every hit too hard.

Another thing to keep in mind is don't attack harder than you want to be hit.  If you come in smashing away expect your opponent to respond in kind.

If fight after fight the group receives complaints every time about your fighting then you may get banned from combat.   This has never come about and hopefully it never will.

The other illegal is weapons.  Any weapon that is too hard, too heavy or both is not allowed in combat.  If that is the only weapon you have then find someone to make you a new one.  It is your responsibility to fix it.  Who determines if a weapon is illegal?  The AM or me.   Currently we have a two known illegal weapons that need to be retired (that is not counting the ones that are just old).  They are SkullCrusher and Eric's Axe. 




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