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Magic in the Shadowlands is devided into Levels and Spheres.

Levels:  There are ten total level of magis, but mankind with very few exceptions only have the strength to access five of them.  Each level denotes the strength of the spell being cast.  First level spells are easy to cast.  They cannot perform great feats and are the easiest to dispell.  Second through fourth level spells gain power and functionality on a fairly even line.  For example damage spells gain one point of damage per level.  At fifth level magic takes a jump in power.  These spells are the most advances magics we know how to control.  Above Fifth level is the enchaments the Gods and Legends weild.  There has only been one being in the known history of the Shadow Lands that cast the greatest of spells, those of the tenth level.  That was the Necromancer, Necronias.
In order to cast higher level magics player need to earn exprience to gain character levels.  I know the word "level" is being used in two different ways here.  One is Player Level the other is Spell Level.
     Player Level             Highest Spell Level able to cast
              1-3                                  Level 1 Spells
              4-6                                  Level 2 Spells
              7-9                                  Level 3 Spells
            10-12                                Level 4 Spells
            13-15                                Level 5 Spells

Use the Spheres link to see a description of how magic is divided by spell  types.


Notes: Find a spot for detect power types

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