Forest of the Condemned

The Pauper's Graveyard

The HearthsEnd Cemetary

The CrossBone Downs

The Forest of the Damned

The Gnomish Burial Ground

Woodland Spirits

Elder Spirits

Death in the Shadowlands is not an ending.  It is merely a change.  The spirits of the dead are all around us.  Most are tied to their bones and can be contacted

3 Deaths (Body, Spirit & Soul)

The Spirit Realm


When person dies they become a pink spirit but over time they will evolve into others below.  There are also magics that can empower a spirit so that on death they enter the spirit plane with greater strength.

Color Str Description Hps
(% of Alive)
Spells Weapon-Like Attack
Grey 1 Damaged x 0.25 None No Weapon-like Attack
Pink 2 Newly Dead x 0.50 None No Weapon-like Attack
Brown 3 Obsessed x 0.75 Once / Day can cast one spell period of spells. No Weapon-like Attack
White 4 Relaxed Self x 1.0 1 / Period No Weapon-like Attack
Green 5 Ghostly version of self x 1.0 As alive No Weapon-like Attack
Yellow 6 Tainted version which can inflict harm or corruption on others x 1.0 As alive Can create a small shard of twisted spirit essence
(Treat as knife)
Red 7 Emotionally Charged Spirit x 1.0 As alive Can manifest spirit version of weapon used when alive
Blue 8 Fully Integrated Spirit x 2.0 As alive Can manifest a weapon of choice
Purple 9 Master of Sprit Magic x 2.0 Casts at +1 spell lvl Can manifest a weapon of choice
Black 10 Bound Spirit x 2.0 Depends on spirit bonds.
Spirit shroud effect
Orange - - Orange is not a true color.  It is a mask that one sees when looking at a spirit differs from one's self.  An orange spirit will actually be one of the above colors if viewed by a like being.



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