The Founders of FallenStar

The ShadowLands

The Town


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The Land

Surrounded by dangers a tiny hamlet has grown to become a bastion of hope and relative safety.  Here is its story. 

A millenium ago the Great School stood bearing the ShadowLands into an Age of Light.   One night an Astrologer named Mira sat alone on a hilltop far from the grand college.  Her gifts of divination came from reading the stars and so she gazed at the flickering lights hanging above the School to see what the future held.  Worry struck her as she saw the constillations clash against each other and perceived configurations of strife and ruin.  She knew she must somehow get a warning to the mages of the Great School. 

She was about to rise and head back to her humble village when of star flared in the sky.  From the center of the Schools constillation the Heart Star burned and shifted.  In a blaze of light Mira watched it fall.  In its plummet she saw a vision.  The days of the Great School were over.   The Age of Light was ended.  An Age of Darkness would follow that could likely swallow the world forever.  Mira saw a few small hopes.  She saw that one day Five Heros would come and that they had a chance, be it ever so slim, to end the centuries of darkness to come.  She also saw that in the grey days between ages one small town could sway the balance and maybe return the ShaldowLands to the light. 

Mira released her portent and tracked the star's progress across the sky.  When she saw where it landed, she returned to her people.  She told here people of the destruction that was coming and that their homes would be engulfed in the tides of death that would raze the Great School from the world.  As she was respected for her gifts and her wisdom each and every member of her village gathered their belongings and set out with her to where they would build a new home.  They came at last to a scarred hillside.  In this spot a long field meet the dark forests.  There was also a blasted hole where Mira's star had charred the earth on impact.  To her dissappointment the fragments of the star where not to be found.  Even so she knew this was where her people would be safe.  They built a fire pit on the site and the Diviner along with her three companions founded the hamlet that would one day be home of some of the ShadowLand's greatest heros.  They named their new home FallenStar.


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