Weapon Strikes  



    Weapon Strike
    Fighting Rules

Wrap Up



Each combat you are able to unleash one exceptionally powerful strikeIf you are a fighter you get two of these attacks.  Weapon Strikes are made up of three factors.
Your weapon's Base DamageTo see what each weapons base is go to the
Weapons page.
2) Any Permanent Enchantments your weapon has.  Each plus added to
     your weapon will do an addition point of damage in your Weapon Strike.

The Enchant Weapon spell. For each level of of the spell +1 is added to the First Strike. (at 5th level this jumps up to 8 but same idea)

Example: +2 Broad Sword with an Enchant Weapon 3 on it. 
      Broad Sword            = 5
      +2 Perm Enchant     = 2
       Enchant Weapon 3  = 3

Weapon Strike       = 10

Before you get into a combat, make it a point to know your Weapon Strike by heart. 
If you often cast Enchant Weapon, be sure to memorize both with & without it
Having that tucked under your belt can often avoided a couple minutes of each combat where players are doing calculations.



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