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PLEASE IGNORE THIS PAGE FOR NOW.  Will work out odd rules later.



Phase Exceptions refer those actions which either last from one phase to another, break the two spell efects rule or are spells that can be used in the Melee phase.

Hung Spells
First are the Hung Spells.  These are spells that are cast during the Casting Phase but do not take effect until the Melee phases.   These spells when cast are not called by name just by level. ("Casting 3rd level spell"). They are:
   Damage Shield
   Enchant Armor
   Enchant Weapon
   Negate Attack
   Neutralize Weapon
   Piercing Blow
   Spectral Blade

The Doppleganger spell is an oddball because while takes effect immediately but is called out like a Hung Spell.  Please read the description carefully before useing this spell

Spell Shield
The next exception is to the two effects rule.  You are only allowed to have two spell effect besides your personal spells.  Spell Shield is a perminate spell that dispells the first negative spell of the same level as the Spell Shield.  If you have a Spell Shield up before you encounter a combat it does not count as one of you personal spells or one of the two additional effects.  If you cast it in combat though, it does count as one.

Lasting Spells
There are a number of spells that are take effect during the casting phase but last for the whole combat.  Most of these are of the +hit points or -damage variety.  Here is a quick list.  (running late will make sure I haven't missed any as soon as I can):
   Aura of Protections
   Aura of Negations
   Eldrich Form
   Spell Shields

Escape Spells
Escape Spells are one of the few spells that can be cast during the Melee phase.  There are discussed here

Dispell Magic
If we allow combatants to cast escape spells it is only fair that we provide a means for players and monsters to counter the spell.  Hence Dispell Magic can be used during the Melee phase.

Weapon Strike
The Weapon Strike spell reads as follows: "Delivers damage equal to the caster’s First Strike without actually touching their foe. This spell does not activate Damage Shields and may be used on a foe fleeing from the combat. Each combatant can only cast this spell at an opponent once per combat."  So if your opponent uses an Escape Spell you are allowed one parting shot at them using this spell.  The only downside is that the Weapon Strike does not nessearily negate the escape.  If the Weapon Strike would be fatal, Runs are stopped cold.  Teleports give the escaper a chance to run for 30 seconds but if the WS killed them they have to stop and drop.  No looking which way they ran. If the Teleported individual can hide or hit a safe spot in that minute, then hats off to them.  Teleport to Safety is unstoppable.  Either they appear in a safe place alive or appear there dead.  Regadless, they are still away and hence unlootable.



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