The classes of FallenStar care broken down into a a number of groups or orders.  There are five major factors that distinguish one order from another.  They are:
   1. Number of Hit Points per level
   2. Highest Level of Weapon/Armor able to be used
   3. Number of Gem picks
   4. Number of spells per period
   5. Spell Spheres available

The orders, distinguishing factors and a brief description are as follows.

Fighters: These warrior classes are capable of wielding the most damaging weapons in the game. Their skills and and strengths are geared towards combat.  Fighter also have the ability to "Lay on Hands."  This enables them to heal up to 1/4 of their max hps 3 times per day.
    HP 10     W/A 10     Gem 3      #Spells 2       Battle

Rogues:  Rouges are the second most capable combatants in the game.  Their skills are somewhat more defensive than aggressive.  Their abilities extend beyond warfare too.  All rogues have Avoidance as their sphere of magic and some may have another sphere depending on the specific class.
   HP 8      W/A 8     Gem 4      #Spells  2    Avoidance

Druids:  Druids are the keepers of the wilderness.  In such their gifts come from nature.  They are formidable fighters and are apt sages.  They are the most profuse order as they seem to balance the warrior and the spell caster quite effectively.
   HP 7      W/A 7      Gem 2      #Spells 2         Avoidance & Information

Templars: These classes draw their powers from the Gods or from the Spiritual planes.  While they are not as strong as the the above classes in combat they have a greater facility for magic.   While Templars  lack Battle or Avoidance magic to aid them in winning their battles, the ability to use Healing magic can often enable them outlast their opponents.
   HP 6       W/A 6      Gem 2    #Spells 3        Metaphysical & Healing

Crafters: The ability to create items of magic belongs to the order of Crafters.  These classes are able to fashion potions, scroll and charms.  They are weaker in combat situations but no other order except possibly mages can match their versatility.
   HP 5        W/A 5     Gem 2   #Spells 2          2 Varied Spheres

Scholars: As most adventures require the ability to uncover answers equally if not more so than ones ability squash ones enemies Scholars are very powerful characters.  They have access to the two most disclosing spheres of magic and often have abilities that enable them to delve deeper into the ShadowLand's lore.
   HP 5          W/A 5     Gem 1   #Spells 3        Metaphysical & Information

Diviners: If knowledge is power then the Scholars greatest rivals would be Diviners.  These classes have the ability to use the sphere of Divination.  Unlike most other spells divinations are not locked down to specific tasks.  They can range into the past or the future and reveal   nearly all the worlds secrets.  Diviners can cast up to 10 levels of divinations per Adventure
  HP 5          W/A 5      Gem 1   #Spells 3       Avoidance & Information

Mages:  While they are the weakest in physical combats Mages are by no means weak in combat.  They are they only other class capable of casting battle magic and they can cast up to four spells per combat.  (Just for OMG's, a 13th level Destroyer cast unload 250 points of damage per combat.).  On top of their explosive potential mages can choose spells from four different schools of magic (no divination, sry Merlin) and they get to choose which spheres they wish to know.
  HP 4          W/A 4      Gem 1    #Spells 4       4 Chosen Spheres


Notes: Some of the data here has not yet been formalized but since its my site and my ideas, consider the inclusions an experiment in positive realization.

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