It will be the responsibility of all the players to help keep these pages up to date.  Try to make sure well before the adventure season starts that you character sheet is correct.  Come May you very well may be stuck with whatever sheet is up here because I can guarantee that after the 20th or so revision to these sheets I'm really not going in the mood to do more for a bit.  Try and space out your revisions please.

Auri Lee Chells Dayo Equue
Erik Evar Ex Ardesco Gift
Kelloran Kespin Ligessac Madera
Mataar Mathellyn Moon Bear Navlys
Raith Ravenheart Stone Thomas
Tor Ullr Eisenkralle    

*AM's you should only need to print pages 1 and 2 for an adventure.  Page three is more of a character history rather than character stats.


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