Hit Points   7
  Weapon/Armor   7 (Violet)
  # of Spell   2
  Spheres   Avoidance & Information
  Gem Picks   2

Journeyman: Wanderer of the world. Can cast Travel spells 1 level higher than their otherwise maximum spell casting level.  Has knowledge of witch gates. Three times per adv can gate away from a combat when in woods. (0 skill points)

Woodsman \ Woodswoman: A native of the woodlands. Has innate knowledge of woods; Can cast Direction spells 1 level higher than their otherwise maximum spell casting level.  Starts with 3 skill points in direction sense.

Forestall: Guardian of the forest. Can command plants in an area three times per adventure. Can commune with nature 3x per adventure. (3 total skill points)

Guide: A seeker of unknown pathways. Can commune with Atu' once per day. Starts with 4 of direction sense and 2 skill points

Totem: A vessel of an animal spirit. Chooses and animal totem, from which abilities will be enhanced. (2 skill points) Totems may call upon their spirit animal once per day in one of two ways. Each can grant one of two powers / day.

  BEAR- a spirit of strength and healing
  1) the Strength - +5 HP, and add 2 additional damage stages to their weapon ( ie,
      turn a red weapon’s damage to yellow damage) for one combat.
  2) the Healer - heal 10

  WOLF- a spirit of the sly hunter
   1) the Hunter - Tracking (as spell), and Detect Aura upon the foe you are tracking.
   2) the Eluder - Run (as spell) for 20 seconds, and Mask Aura.

   OWL- a spirit of wisdom and a harbinger of death
   1) the Herald - Speak with Spirit, with Spirit Shield 1
   2) the Ferrier - Animate Dead for 45 minutes

   RAVEN- a spirit of macabre mystery
   1) the Spectator - Death Lights
   2) the Warder - Exorcism 1 & Protection Undead 1

   DEER- a spirit of the elusive woodland walker
   1) the Listener - Clairaudience & Tongues (spoken languages only)
   2) the Runner - Pass Without A Trace

   TURTLE- a spirit of the ancient survivor
   1) the Endurer - Armor and Aura of Protection 2
   2) the Ancient - can see one static scene of the past and ask the history of one
       thing in the scene (Limited Retrocognition & Know History)

   SWAN- a spirit of purity and serenity
   1) the Serene - Dispel Magic 1 with Calm
   2) the Pure - Purify Water, this pure water will heal 2 pts. for up to 3 people

   BAT- a spirit of the hidden night
   1) the Night Herald - Cause 3 people to fall asleep, but no harm may come to the
   2) the Dreamer - Brings the totem a vision while they sleep, or rest.


Notes: Have not yet looked at Totems.   Will do so with Andy shortly.

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