Changing Classes

Character Advancement


Characters advance levels by earning experience points (exps).  The most common way to earn exps is on adventures.   Players earn exps by finding treasure, good role-playing and solving mysteries or puzzles.  AM's earn exps for running adventures.  Those people who help an AM run an Adv. can also earn exps, whether they monster, play roles, help set up or other such activities.

The formula  to calculate how much exps and AM earns for running and Adv is as follows.  First every AM receives a base 500 points.  Then each player fills out a score sheet rating the Adv.  There are four categories that each are scored from 0 to 25 (in intervals of 5).  The categories are:

Role-playing How well was everything brought to life?  (Acting, sets,
    effects, music, etc.)
Depth and Originality How well was the plot shaped?
How well were new ideas presented?
Were plot ideas conveyed to the players in a way they
     could understand?
Organization Did treasures and trading work smoothly? 
Did things occur in a timely fashion? 
Did players have too much "Waiting for AM" times?
Challenge Were the player unessearily overmatched?
Were problems too easily solved? 
Was the player forced to spend more money than was

So the AM's receive 0-100 experience points from each player.  This is added to the 500.  The last factor is determined by how many Full AM's are on an Adv.  Since a single AM does considerable more work that a team, they receive the full sum of the above.  For each AM beyond the first 10% is deducted from that amount and each AM receives the remainder. (1 AM - 100%, 2 AM's 90% each, 3 AM 80% each, etc.)  The total exps are then rounded to the nearest increment of 5.
If not all players give the AM experience, whatever experience scores they do receive will be averaged to determine the missing scores.  If no-one gives the am exps, a score of 85 per player will be used.

We need a better name for this group.  This is for meant for those people who help the AM run the Adv.  Some examples are:
Someone who playes a large dedicated role for the most of the Adv.
       ex: Malcolm's Tilltian for the war of the Flame
Someone who performs a significant share of AM duties (righting,
       refing,  plot development, etc.)
This indivuals can recieve up to 500 exps for the Adv.

Helpers & Monsters
How well set up, various roles and monstering come off can determine the success of many Adventures.  Those who help AM's with these fuctions can earn up to 100 points for the event.

Players can earn as many exps as their actions warrant on an Adv.  They gain levels by totaling up those experience points. The table below show how many experience points you need to obtain a given level.
   Level 1:              0
   Level 2:        1,001
   Level 3:        2,001
   Level 4:        3,001
   Level 5:        5,001
   Level 6:        7,001
   Level 7:        9,001
   Level 8:      12,001
   Level 9:      15,001
   Level 10:    18,001
   Level 11:    22,001
   Level 12:    26,001
   Level 13:    30,001
   Level 14:    35,001
   Level 15:    40,001

Non-Adv Exps
Outside the game itself players can earn up to experience points for creative works.   Up to 100 points can be awarded for each installment of an Adventured based story printed up in the Legacy.  I wonder if creating a killer Adv-Based web site would qualify too?



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