Changing Classes  




Changing Classes

Character Advancement


There is no penalty for changing classes. A player can not choose to change classes during an adventure. They may change classes between adventures by contacting the AM with enough time for them to prepare for the class changes.

The character loses all special abilities of their previous class and the AM (not the player) will choose their spells in the appropriate spheres. For example, if a Rogue becomes a Scholar, any new learned spells, upgrades or skills that the player bought as a Rogue will be translated into their new Scholar class (but they may lose free benefits from their previous class like additional spells or skill points).

If the player’s old spells fit with the spheres of their new class, these spells will not be changed. If a Healer wishes to become a different Templar class their spells will remain the same. If a Druid becomes a Scholar, then their Information spells will remain the same but their druidic Avoidance spells will change to Metaphysical or additional Information spells at the AM’s discretion.

The character does not gain additional learned spells. If they were a Rogue class and switch to a Scholar class they do not gain 2 more learned spells (a value of 2 GP). The player will have to change their 1 Avoidance Spell to a spell of the same level from the spheres Scholars can access (either the Information or Metaphysical). If they upgraded their first level Avoidance spell to a second level spell then the player as a Scholar will have a second level Information or Metaphysical spell.

Players should not change classes just to pick up specific powers for certain adventure without good reason.   While this is not exactly against the letter of the rules, it is not the reason we allow players to freely change classes.  Adventures are meant to be fun and if a player is not having fun being one thing then they are welcome to try another.  What we don't want is say... a Bard transforming into a Destroyer for a heavy combat adventure and then popping back to their old musical self once the threat is over without at least some good roleplaying behind the change.

If the change in character class is involuntary (ex. if your deity makes you a new class) then different rules apply.



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