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Anyone who has ever taken one of these kind of test invariably will hit that frustrating moment where you you look at the screen and say "I wouldn't do either" or "I would do this instead".  I know.  The test is not really asking what you would do. It is trying to determine which you are more likely to do.  With that in mind please select your answers as your character 'most likely' would. 
Remember you may want to role-play a character who has different values than you do.   My word of caution is, be sure you can role-play those virtues.  Having a +7 Sacrifice and never buying the bar a round or maxing out Valor and avoiding every fight could one day really come round and bite ya in the rump.. 
When you're done you will be dumped onto an ugly Form Confirmation Page.  Worse still you will not have a score as yet.  These are all in the works.  As soon as I figure out how I'll get this fully automated.  If you want your score and do not want to wait for me to post it, send me an email and I'll reply with your Virtue Rating.  chellsshade@yahoo.com


  1. Your best friend pulls you aside and tells you he just pulled off the perfect theft.  Divination blocks, an unbreakable alibi, the works.  Do you...

congratulate him?
tell him either he turns himself in or you will?

  1. A gnoll has disemboweled a traveler before you were able to reach the combat.  The man will be dead in a minute but the gnoll is escaping.  Do you..

heal him and hope to catch the gnoll?
o after the gnoll and try to raise the man from the dead afterwards?

  1. You have information that could exonerate a man on trail.  You know this guy is guilty of another crime but that one cannot be proved.  The real guilty party for this crime is beyond the reach of law.  Do you..

stay quiet and let this man receive a punishment even though it is not really the right one?
speak up so that the truth of the case is known?

  1. Your friends are in the woods waiting for you, but as you are leaving town you hear your name.  You listen and hear someone speaking slanderously about you. Do you...

stay and defend yourself?
ignore the lies being spread about you and hook up with your companions?

  1. You have vowed to defend the honor of your mate in a town duel.  You have only a short time before the duel but you come across a very ill villager in need of help.  Do you...

help the villager and forfeit the match?
give the ill person a token of help and rush to make the duel?

  1. You and your comrades have taken a job with the town.  Today is the last day before it must be completed but it is also the Holy Day of your God.  Do you...

work on the task and ensure you all receive your pay?
remove yourself from the workforce and honor your God?

  1. You have hunted for the answer to a great mystery for years and are but one step away from the solution.  The problem is the only one who can answer your final question is an evil being who will only reveal what it knows if you perform three slightly hurtful acts as payment.  Do you...

pledge to do the evil one's foul works and learn the truth?
reject the dark one and forfeit your quest?

  1. A team is going off to hunt the Golden Fury.  Every able-body adventurer that you can see is going.  You realize this will leave FallenStar pretty much undefended.  Do you…

pack your gear, sharpen your blade and join the team?
emain behind and bolster the watch?

  1. You find yourself facing a dark choice.  The town will be overrun unless you forever renounce your Gods.  Do you...

turn your back on your deities and save FallenStar?
keep your faith and try and salvage what can be saved?

  1. Your liege, to whom your are Honor bound, has been accused of a dirt deal.  You are chosen to defend the honor of your patron but you know that the accusations are true.  Do you...

hold to your oath of honor and act as defender?
tell the truth to the accusers?

  1. Your clan is again girding to fight their rivals.  This is most likely the last open battle.  Afterwards the feud will mostly likely be bloody raids against each other homes.  Today you learned that it was your comrades who started the fight for almost no reason and that you were pretty much the only one who didn’t know.  Do you...

refuse to fight and leave the clan?
ight that much harder to finish the war quickly and prevent it from spilling over onto the women and children?

  1. A neighbor has fallen on hard times and so is not paying his fair share of the communities taxes.  Do you...

stay quiet knowing that you and the others will have to pay more to cover him?
speak up and let the villagers know who is responsible for the shortage?

  1. Your God appears before you and asks you to prove your faith.  The deity charges you with a task that is abhorrent to you.  Do you..

do the loathsome deed and prove your devotion?
stay true to yourself and break faith with your God?

  1. It has been a REALLY bad week for you and your friend.  You are broke and to make matters worse you friend is being baited by one of the town's bullies.  Before you can step in, your friends snaps and guts the ass.  When the Townguard catches up with you, will you...

tell them truthfully what happened, knowing your friend will have to pay to raise the thug and possible gain a lasting bad reputation?
dress the events to highlight the harassment and downplay your friend's guilt?

  1. You encounter a monk who has been banished from his order for an act you have no problem with.  He is hungry, cold and wet..   Do you...

lead him back to town and get him up to the tavern for warmth and food?
leave him?  He knew what his Gods expected of him.  He should do his penitence.

  1. You have made a generous action though it happens that no-one saw you do it.  The recipient really wants to know who did this deed.  Do you...

stay quiet and let the deed speak for itself?
speak up and let the receiver enjoy gift and not wonder about it?

  1. You have given your word of honor that you would not leave the town, but learn a band of goblins are raiding nearby farms.    Do you...

  2. break your word and stop the raiders?
    leave the fight to others and and keep to your promise?

  3. While cursed your friend has done something unbearably horrible. He remembers nothing.  The harm has been rectified as much as it can be but it can never be completely healed.  He asks you what he did when he was cursed.   Do you...

  4. tell him so he is warned even though you know it will crush him?
    lie and spare him from something he could not have prevented?

  5. You have divined that your God has chosen to curse an innocent.   Do you...

  6. challenge your God's actions?
    accept your God's will?

  7. Your party is going to the Lair of the Garblath.  The Garblath is the Lord of the (you need to fill in whatever thing gives you the greatest difficulty, ie. for me it would be spiders, for Andy it would probably be wasps, for Malcolm it could be cooking shellfish.) The party leader states that the Lair is too dangerous for anyone not fully on their toes.  He asks that if anyone has a problem with the Garblath's minions, they should stay behind.  Do you...

    stay quiet and trust you can handle your reactions?
    let the leader know you don't deal well with _____s but you feel confident you'll be fine and let him choose to have you go or not?

  8. Your friend has once more come to you for money. As long as you keep bailing him out he will never grow up and take responsibility for himself.  This time he has really gotten himself in a jam.  Do you...

    help him get through this unusually bad disaster?
    refuse knowing this, if nothing else, will teach him but by doing so will most likely end your friendship?

  9. Your friend has crossed the law a number of times but has finally given up his thieving ways.  Then the Townguard arrests him for a stealing once more.  He tells you he did not do it. While he is a thief, he has never before lied to you.  You are sure he is innocent and the guards are lifting the axe to hack off his hands.  Do you…

tell the guards you committed the theft and so tarnish your name? 
swear to the guards that if they swing that blow, you will prove your friend's innocence and exact his vengeance for him?

  1. You catch a thief dashing away from the baker's shop.  The child is quite undernourished.  Unfortunately you're broke, so you cannot just buy the bread. You also know these little thefts are bankrupting the bakery.  Do you...

let the child go with the stolen meal?
turn the kid over to the Townguard?

  1. Your buddy has finally hit the jackpot after a LONG spell of just poor luck. You on the other hand are nearly tapped out. In the past you two have always passed money back and forth depending on which of you has it and which is broke.  Do you...

congratulate him and let him buy you lunch?
let him keep it this time and unwrap the remains of breakfast?

  1. You have received a vision not to fight this day.  While in Melcynda’s Peace a goblin saunters up to you, pisses in your face and then walks just outside the edge of the Peace, taunting you the whole way.  Do you…

have faith in what you saw and ignore the vermin?
ut his offensive tongue out of his head?

  1. The lower farms are flooding badly.  Your friend really wants to hit the woods and has asked you to come along so you can cover each other.   Do you...

convince him to come with you to help the farmers or go woodsing without you?
go out looting with your companion?

  1. You have found an ancient text that hints at some heinous deed done long ago.  You get a strong  impression from the scroll that the act was performed by your God.  Do you…

dig deeper to learn the truth and possibly loose your faith?
ile it away as a oddity and hold fast to your beliefs?

  1. You are on the heels of the man responsible for the torture and death of your friend when the asshole jumps into the FoD.  You have only a couple undead banes which will hide you from the hordes of lesser undead but not deter a greater fiend if by chance you encounter one.  Your friends dying words were “Don’t do anything stupid avenging me.”  Do you..

dust yourself and get the bastard?
eturn to town and see if your friend has been raised?




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