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Lock pick and Trap Use are probably the easiest skills to explain.  First of they are two separate skills.  Only Rogues can have 7 or more points in either of these skills.

Lock Pick Skill:
For each level of LP you have,  you gain 1 use of the skill per Adventure.
The highest level lock you can open  is equal to the total number of LP points you have.  There are ten levels of lock starting with 1.  So a player with 4 points of Lock Picking could open four locks as long as none of the locks were level 5 or higher.

Trap Use Skill:
The same logic for Lock Pick applies to Trap Use.  The way trap detection works is if you have at least 1 point of Trap Use you can detect a trap and what level it is. You can then choose to back off or proceed by either disarming the trap or letting it go off.   If you do not have any points of TU and you open a trapped box or touch a trapped object then the trap goes off.  There is no chance of backing off.

Traps may inflict damage many ways, physical, magical, toxins, curses, etc.  The the higher the level of the trap the more versitiliy it has.  High level traps can do reach higher degrees of damage and can use more types of attacks than the lower levels.  
     Trap Max Dmgs (for a single person):
     Lvl 1:     0- 2 pnts of Dmg
     Lvl 2:     0- 4 pnts of Dmg
     Lvl 3:     0- 6 pnts of Dmg
     Lvl 4:     0- 8 pnts of Dmg
     Lvl 5:     0-10 pnts of Dmg
     Lvl 6:     0-15 pnts of Dmg
     Lvl 7:     0-20 pnts of Dmg
     Lvl 8:     0-25 pnts of Dmg
     Lvl 9:     0-30 pnts of Dmg
     Lvl 10:   0-40 pnts of Dmg
Traps do not always do their max damage.  A 9th level trap may only inflict 10 pnts of damage but it is so compliated a trap, it would be almost impossible to disarm. 

The damage inflicted by a trap may effect more than one person.  To do so each person must be in close proximity to the trap.  There are three types of Spread Damages.  Each type of spread damage will modify the max damage that trap can do.
Cloud:   Effects everyone in a given area.  Max dmg for each person is
               3 levels less that the traps single person max  dmg.
Chain:   Effects up to 3 people.  Max dmg for each person is
               2 levels less that the traps single person max  dmg.  If only one
               person is present then max dmg needs only to be down 1 level.

Strafe:    Effects up to 3 people.  Max dmg for each person is
               1 levels less that the traps single person max dmg. 

Every trap has a physical trigger like: moving an object, stepping on a spot, or opening a door or box. .

Toxins (both pathogens and poisons) are often found working in conjunction with traps, hidden in drinkable liquids, or as a powdery contact poison. Fortunately, there are magical means to combat these lethal substances: Know Toxin detects the presence of toxins, and there are spells that will cure them as well. For the diseases caused by pathogens there are potions or spells of Cure Disease and Cure Magical Diseases (the Potion of Cure Magical Diseases must be expressly made to ameliorate that specific ailment and the use of the spell requires knowledge of the specific magical disease as well as possible medicinal components). To aid against poisons there are three spells Slow Poison, Neutralize Poison, and Cure Poison.

Most poisons have three forms:
Concentrated) a quick acting single dose that does all its damage is 1 shot,
Attenuated) a slower acting poison that delivers its dmg every hour, and
Diluted) the slowest acting venom that effects a player hourly.
The Concentrated venom (C.) dispenses the least amount of damage but delivers it all at once, giving the players little time to compensate. The Attenuated venom (A.) dispenses 1 x the amount of harm but its damage is divided over 5 half hour periods, giving the players time to negate the poisons effects. The Diluted venom (D.) dispenses 2 x the amount of harm but its damage is divided over 5 hour periods, giving the players the most time to nullify the toxins effects. The degrees of lethalness in poison vary:

  Type C.

Type A.

Type D.
Level Total Dmg Interval Total Dmg Interval Total
1 2 pts 1 pt every hour 5 pts 2 pts every hour 10 pts
2 4 pts 3 pts every hour 15 pts 3 pts every hour 15 pts
3 8 pts 5 pts every hour 25 pts 7 pts every hour 35 pts
4 16 pts 7 pts every hour 35 pts 10 pts every hour 50 pts
5 32 pts 9 pts every hour 45 pts 20 pts every hour 100 pts

 The names and types of diseases vary greatly. Some ill effects of mundane diseases that might impact adventurers are diseases that cause: blindness, coma, lameness, feeble-mindedness, amnesia, uncontrollable rages, sleeping sickness, deafness, arthritic hands, muteness, delusions, or a general sense of weakness. Magical diseases may have more bizarre effects like: a poison touch, transforming into another species like a goblin or satyr, loss of certain magics, lycanthropy, appearing to become an undead, or myriad other uncanny side-effects.

This are Static skills.  See the Skills page for the difference between Static and Adjustable skills.




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