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Truthsense is the ability to detect lies.  It is more than just the ability to read deceit from a person's body language or speech patterns.  It is a link to the virtue of Truth and so, with enough points, one could discern the veracity of writing or divinations. 

The only real danger to Truthsense is that it will not detect a falsehood if the person making it believes the untruth to be accurate.

The strength of Truthsense is it cannot be blocked by spells or by the power level of the target.  Truthsense can be used on Gods.

Each use of Truthsense uses one card.  The more levels of Truthsense one possess the more methods of communications can be targeted.

1 pt  - Will detect the truth of a Direct Question posed to the target of the skill.  The person using the skill need not be the one asking the question but they must be present when the question is asked and answered.

2pts - Will reveal lies made during a Speech made by a being.  Again the skill-user need not be the one to instigate the target's dialog but the must be present and able to hear it.

3pts - At this point the skill-user can catch untruths made during an entire Conversation. The same caveats as above apply.

4pts - The skill-user can spot deceptions in Written Material.

5pts - The skill-user can spot deceptions in Visions.

7pts - At this level the skill overcomes the drawback listed at the top of the page.  The skill-user can tell if he or she is hearing/reading/seeing the Real Truth regardless if the source believes it to be true or not.

Only Scholars, Diviners and Inquisitors can have a Truthsense skill of 7 or higher.

This is a Static skill.  See the Skills page for the difference between Static and Adjustable skills.



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