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This skill is more than just a good memory and internal compass.   Direction Sense is a tie between oneself and the land.  The more closely one is tied to the world the better one is able to sense it.  With a small amount of this skill a person seeking something in the woods could get a general idea where it might be.   The more skill they have, the more they will be able to home in on exactly where they object is.  

Direction Sense has a few limitations.
  1)  DS cannot detect Farie Treasures.  For a complete list of these treasures follow this link.
   2) DS must be used on something specific.  You could not use the skill to find you the nearest treasure or even any nearby Narzen Chalice.  You could get a location of Narzen's Chalice of Wealth because that is a specific item.
   3) DS cannot find something that has been separated from the natural world.    I could use Direction Sense to find the fabled Bronze Brambles, but if dug them up and put them in a building or or chest then I would be breaking their connection to the world and so from then on they would not show to DS.  In other words you cannot use the sense to find items in buildings, trucks, drawers, etc.

As well as treasures, locations can found with Direction Sense.  The Crone's Hovel or Lost Gods altar are good examples.    Places that block magic  such as the Nihilist's Grove or the Troll cave do not block Direction Sense since it is a skill and not a spell.  Runes and graves are connected to the earth and so can be targeted by Direction Sense too.

Each use of Direction Sense uses up one card. The more levels of Direction Sense a person has the more detailed answer they will receive. If you were to ask for directions for a valid item, here are the responses you would get depending on how many skill points of DS you had:
1 pt  - A pointed finger ("That way")
2pts - A point and realy vauge distance ("That way, close by.", "That
              way, not too far off." , "That way, long way off", etc.)
3pts - Point and 1 reference ("That way, past Arboleth.", "That way, on
             the far hill.")
4pts - Point,  reference and landmark. ("That way, past Arboleth, near a
              white stone.")
5pts - Detailed description.  Try and be as specific as possible.
7pts - Detailed description and a guide if needed.

Only druids can have a Direction Sense skill of 7 or higher.

The following factors will drop person's Direction Sense by one point.
The person is in a place they have never been before.  It takes time to establish a connection to the land.
The person is in a place alien to them.  You may have been in the FoD before but it will never be a place where a normal person could ever connect to.
The person is in a building or city.  The ties to the earth are weaker when separated from it.

The you Direction Sense skill could also be increased if you happen to be in a place highly attuned to land around it.    StarWatch could possibly be such a place.  The Woodland Atlar might be another one. 

Prayer points to Gods tied to the earth and directions could be used to augment your DS skill.  They must be the specific Prayer points not general prayer points to that God or Godess.  The God must be the correct diety for the spot being sought.
  Adoaman - Something on or in the earth
  Atu - Something hidden
  White Lady - Something in the Farie Lands
  Arboleth - Something in the Goblin Woods
  Jack O'Lantern - Something in the Forest of the Condemned
  Vine - Something in the other Woodlands

This is a Static skill.  See the Skills page for the difference between Static and Adjustable skills.



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