Forbidden Spells

There are six spheres of magic that are available to player.   Which spheres you can use is determined by what class you are playing. The only way to learn a spell that is outside a sphere you character has access to is through a wish spell.

Here is a broad description of the spheres.

Battle:  This is the magic of combat.  It contains spells to increase and decrease the damage weapons do.   It also contains the much feared Spell Strike along with spells to soften those brutal bolts of magic.  Lastly it has spells for shaping the nature of a combat, ranging from enraging ones foes to magically constructed arenas.

Avoidance:  In part this is the flip side of Battle magic.  This sphere hold all the spells that allow a player to lessen damage, be it magical or physical.    Secondly it contains those spells needed to escape from combat.  The third aspect of Avoidance magic is are those enchantments needed to create and disarm traps and locks.

Information: The ability to know is one of the most power magic in the ShadowLands.  This sphere is made up of spell for discerning the truth of pretty much anything, curses, traps, poisons magic, spirits, people, even the past itself.  It also contains the one the games staples, Know Rune.   It along side Speak with Spirit and Spell Strike make up probably the three most used spells in the game.

Divination: This tiny sphere takes up where information meats its limits.  Divinations spells are much more fluid than any other spells for they are targeted not at a specific thing but instead a specific question about anything.  The success of these spells are determined by the skill of the casters ability to ask the RIGHT question.  They also can reach one area that eludes information magic; the Future.

Healing:  The spells of restoration fall into this sphere.  First and fore most are the spells to repair damage to the body.  Secondly are those that can heal disease and corruption.   The Healing sphere also had many spells for combating the undead.

Metaphysical:  This last grouping is a hodgepodge of odd spells.  Primarily it contains the spells for communicating with and protecting oneself from the dead. 


Notes: Wishes can allow allow you t learn a single spell not a whole sphere.  That spell though may be upgraded.

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