Forbidden Magics  



You have ventured into into a realm of magic shunned by most of humanity.  Only the those who walk the paths of darkness meddle with the vile incantations below.  Leave now before you are tainted any further.

Vampiric Touch - This evil spell steals the life and health from another to heal the casters wounds.  The spell requires physical contact between the caster and the victim.  That contact can either be by touch or the spell can be hung on a weapon and delivered with the First Strike.  The amount of health transferred is:
                   Level 2 = 2 points
                   Level 3 = 4 points
                   Level 4 = 8 points
                   Level 5 = 16 points

Vampiric Healing - This spell has the same effect as Vampiric Touch (steals life from a target being to heal caster).  It differs in the fact that 1) it is a ranged spell, 50' and clear line of sight.
2) it cannot be hung.  It must be cast during the Casting Phase. The amount of health transferred is:
                   Level 2 = 1 points
                   Level 3 = 2 points
                   Level 4 = 4 points
                   Level 5 = 8  points

Bloodlust - Level 3 - Causes all persons effected to become enraged and commence hostilities.  Creatures will remain and fight rather than flee.  If there is no perceivable enemy then a group will attempt to kill each other.  Groups larger than 3 creatures may split into pairs or gangs.  The spell ends when either a single creature remains alive or when one grouping has wiped out the other.  This spell has no effect on a single person.   It cannot be countered by a 2nd level Calm spell

Festering Wound - Level 4 - This spell is hung on a weapon and is activated on First Strike.  The spell infects the struck creature with a disease that blocks any attempt to heal the damage taken from that First Strike.  The disease must be cured before the effected creature can be healed fully again.

Deform - Level 4 - Creates and visual and auditory illusion making the target of the spell appear to be another creature.  Anyone who views the target of the spell will sense hostility and desire kill the effected creature.  Deform cannot make the target appear to be a specific being but that caster may choose what type of being (zombie, reaver gnoll,  human, etc.) the illusion shows.  The auditory element of the spells garbles the voice of the target so no-one can understand what the effect creature is saying.

False Memory - Level 5 - Plants in a creature's mind a constructed memory.  The effected creature will believe this memory to be true unless it can be proved irrefutably false (even then the effected creature may choose to beleieve the evidence is faulty).  The casting of the spell cannot be verified with divinations but it can be detected by a level 6 or higher Truthsense.


Notes: If you have any good evil spells, send them to me and I'll tuck them in here.

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