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The First Heroes
200 Something AF - 1988
The Five Heroes seek and find DeathStone.  They invade the Necromancer's Citadel and slay Necronias with the deadly relic.
AMs: Andrew & Malcolm
Players: Dave, John, Raz, Shaun, Seth

The Second Heroes
250 AF - 1989
Again Five Heroes journey to ShadowGlade only to find Necronias once more.  He has become a lich and has grown even more deadly in doing so.  The Five Heroes recovery Melcynda's Talisman from Beyond the Vortex and Use it to summon her.  She reveals to Necronias the Truth of her death and guides her son into true death.
AMs: Andrew & Malcolm
Players: Dave, Matt S, Raz, Shaun, Steve

The Citadel
250 Something AF - 1990
The Heroes return to the Necromancer's Citadel seeking lore lost during Necronias' dark age.  In addition to the scraps of knowledge they find many bound spirits.  One after another they free these beings of power and so release the Spirit Gods into the World.
AMs: Andrew & Malcolm
Players: Dave, Matt S, Mike, Raz, Shaun, Steve

The Fate of ShadowGlade
250 Something AF - 1991
The Five Heroes are joined by the Scribe as they race against the Appointed Hour.   Thadun is coming and only Glandryth and Frgomer can save the town.  The Five find Glandryth and return him to life but the Hour arrives before they can unearth the warriors fabled sword.  Without Frgomer, Glandryth tackles the Scion of Hell.   When the smoke clears there is no sign of either combatant nor ShadowGlade itself.   All are gone.
AMs: Andrew & Malcolm
Players: Dave, Matt R, Matt S, Raz, Shaun, Steve

The Fifth Element
1 GS - 1990 or 91
Two teams of elementalists seek to stop Malgrim from shattering the Seal of True Binding.   If they fail the villain will use the shard of might to make the power of the psychic lightning cultists a true form of magic, equal to the paths of Earth, Air, Fire and Water. 
AMs: Andrew & Steve
Players: Malcolm, Raz & Sean - Joe, Matt R & Matt S

Welcome to FallenStar
392 AF - 1992
Chells, Evar, Kespin, Mathellyn, Thomas and Tuan meet in the town of Fallenstar. They learn the joys and agonies of looting, face ugly goblins and hulking ogres, engage in contests of arms and will in time pretty much muddle up all the plot points with the many advs to follow. The band of neophyte heroes discovered in the Hall of Mages many challenges a way to stop the Chaos Weaver (Malice?) who was secretly causing strife by pitting the humans and elves against one another.
AMs: Andrew & Malcolm
Players: Dave, Matt R, Matt S, Raz, Sean, Steve

The Moon Tree
393 AF - 1993
Stone joined the ranks of Fallenstar's heroes, when the young heroes find Fallenstar and the surrounding areas locked in a demonic Chaos Spell.  Also Chells learns of the Fate of Margen and of the treachery of Tintze.  The trail end in the recover of Margen's sword, DoomHerald.
AMs:  Malcolm's first solo adventure
Players: Andrew, Dave, Matt R, Matt S, Raz, Sean, Steve

The Return of Thaleus
393 AF - 1993
This was the 9th adventure (or 11th since my 2 earlier adventures became part of the Shadowland mythos retroactively). This adventure welcomed Ex Ardesco and Raith to the fold. Raith, X, Thomas and Mathellyn found themselves in the Valley of the Dryads, where they discovered the identity of one of Necronias' prime-minions, who was slain and imprisoned by the Guardians of Saarden. The heroes had to foil Thaleus' plot to raise the Goblin King as a subservient wight.
AMs: Andrew's first solo adventure
Players: Chris Dave, Malcolm, Matt S

The Artifacts of the Arcani
393 AF - 1993
GoldStar, Raith and Yatagan sneak through Gnoll infested woodlands searching for the Cup, the Sword, the Staff and the Pentacle.
AMs: Sean & Steve
Players: Andrew, Dave & Malcolm

Another Malcolm Adv
394 AF - 1994
I didn't find another legendary relic, so it must have been a pretty pointless event.
AMs: Malcolm
Players: Andrew, Dave, Matt S, Raz, Shaun, Steve

Anthral's Liberation
394 AF - 1994
In the years just before the razing of ShadowGlade, Anthral the Binder had sacrificed himself to imprison the demonic Maskim Xul, H'tiaf, in a Pillar of Exile, but not before he was corrupted by H'tiaf's touch. In order to not be transformed into a Maskim Xul himself, the partially metamorphosed Anthral enlisted Draego the Slayer to end his life. Hence, Anthral saved his soul at the cost of his now-black spirit. Over the years, the Maskim Xul had clawed and gnawed at the Pillar of Exile weakening its bindings. The four adventurers had to find the three bearers of the keys to Anthral's Sanctum and once there gather the spells and components to rebind the H'tiaf. Anthral was freed of his black chains but at a cost. The Maskim Xul had used his corrupting touch on Auri Lee.
AMs: Andrew
Players: Brian, Malcolm, Matt S, Raz

The Phoenix Adventure
395 AF - 1995
Auri Lee, Raith and Stone find themselves in an uneasy collaboration with the goblins.   It seems that the Necromancer had trapped the celestial being known as the Phoenix.  The Phoenix is the herald of Ages, rising for the Ages of Light, falling for the Ages of Darkness.  The bones of the fiery being were in Cairn, the unholy region where ShadowGlade once stood.  To attempt a rescue now would be suicide.
The adventurers learn of an ancient order of gods known as the Lost Gods.  Calling on their help the three travel into the past.  In the Necromancer's Citadel of old they find the skull of the Phoenix and carry back to the present.
While they had been gone the goblins had gather the ingredients needed to build a bonfire rife with magics.  This blaze was the fuel from which the Phoenix was reborn.
This adventure also saw the first occurrence of Gift.
AMs: Steve's first official ShadowLands adventure
Players: Andrew, Brian, Malcolm

The Hangman's Tale
395 AF - 1995
A band of heroes from Fallenstar find themselves in world gone mad. Everything is the opposite of what it should be. Melcynda's Peace exists as Melcynda's Rage. The Forest of the Damned is the bright and beautiful Forest of Hope. The residents of Fallenstar are all undead. In all this insanity, they find that the Thadun from this Nexus World planned to escape to the ShadowLands by tricking Dark the Hangman into unjustly executing Erik the Totem.
AMs: Matt S
Players: Dave, Malcolm, Steve?

Hill of the Dead
395 AF - 1995
It's All Graves Day and the Cult of the Dead have set their sights on the spirits of Fallenstar.  The Heroes must balance their efforts between projecting the graveyards a
nd freeing the bound spirit of the GateKeeper from the Mausoleum. This is also first appearance of Erik the Bat Totem.
AMs: Andrew & Malcolm
Players: Brian, Kelly, Steve, Shaun, Matt Smith, Razz, Matt Rohde, Brooke, Chris, Dave & Sean

N'mishka the Dream Realm
396 AF- 1996
The greatest truths of the ShadowLands were available for us to finally learn.  Of course we only found a tiny fraction of them and at this point I doubt any of us remember the few we uncovered. 
AMs: Malcolm
Players: Andrew, Dave, Matt S, Raz, Sean, Steve

The Prelude
396 AF- 1996
The Fire Gods choose their champions to do battle for who will be the Lord of Fire.   Allahn chooses Rowan, Thomas & Tuan, Surtur picks Auri Lee, Eric & Ex Ardesco   and Chells, Gift & Mathellyn take up the banner of the Phoenix.
AMs: Andrew
Players: Brian, Brooke, Chris, Dave, Kelly, Matt S, Raz, Sean, Shaun, Steve

The War of the Flame
396 AF - 1996
The three teams must fight through the Crucible against the chosen ones of Flame and Cinder lead by Tiltian.
AMs: Andrew
Tiltian: Malcolm
Players: Brian, Chris, Dave, Kelly, Matt S, Raz, Sean, Shaun, Steve

The Aftermath
397 AF - 1997
The Heroes of Fallenstar strive to uncover the consequences of the WotF. 
AMs: Andrew & Malcolm
Players: Brian, Chris, Dave, Kelly, Matt S, Raz, Sean, Shaun, Steve

The Tale Untold
397 AF - 1997
The Founders of Fallenstar were not who we thought they were.  Well actually yes they were but they were also something else as well.  The TellTaler has altered time and reality, reshaping the figures of history, giving courage to the craven, honor to the despicable, peace to the bereaved, and absolution to the traitorous.  His machinations saved Fallenstar, but at a horrible cost and had they not also resulted in me being hung I probably would have been more grateful.
AMs: Andrew
Players Chapter 1: Brian, Matt, Malcolm, Steve
Players Chapter 2:  Dave, Matt Rohde, Razz, Sean

The Gambler's Debt
397 or 398 - 1997 or 98
The Hangman has come for Glain the Gambler. It is up to Auri, Gift, Madera, Navlys, Rowan and X to uncover his history and defend his spirit by trial.
AMs: Matt S
Players: Brian, Brook, Chris, Cory, Kelly, Laura

The Warders
398 - 1998
For over a year, the town wards have been shut down. Through some timely negotiations by some of Fallenstar's favored, the Wards have been reimpowered by the elves. They have now detected a dozen threats within the perimeter of the town wards: hidden undead, menacing spirits, goblin spies, secret necromantic graveyards, concealed magical espionage devices, and many more. A dozen heroes labor on numrons missions to root out these threats and secure their home once again
AMs: Andrew
Contributing AMís:  Malcolm & Matt
Players: Dave, Jim, Jamie, Brian, Sean, Laura, Chris, Cory, Matt Smith, Shaun, Malcolm, Steve, Kelly, Razz, & Brooke.


Raith's Gamble
398 AF - 1998
Raith has decided that the only chance that Tintze the traitorous founder of Fallenstar has at redemption is the salvation of his daughter, Ot Yett, from the clutches of the demon scion Thadun. The bold rogue has laid out a plan to travel into the past, rescue Ot Yett's soul by killing her himself, but duping Thadun into believing he was the one who slew the little girl and stole her soul
It was up to Raith's friends in Fallenstar to unravel the mystery of his death and to complete his mission of mercy. In the end, his friends not only saved Ot Yett's soul but Raith's life, which he had sacrificed in order to save her afterlife
AM: Malcolm
Players: Dave, Cory, Razz, Kelly, Brooke, Sean, Andrew, Chris & Steve.

Sleep of the Dead
397 AF - 1997
For the time the heroes of Fallenstar must brave Ymir's bitter cold.  Rather than hibernating through the frozen winter, Chells, Ex Ardesco Mathellyn and Raith forge they way through deep drifts of snow seeking to quiet the a host of restless spirits.   These clamoring ghosts were grating on the Frost God's nerves.  Amidst the ice and snow the four found a woodland full of new treasures left by the Winter Fey. Once they accepted the lost of sensations in their extremities, the beauty of the frozen wood stunned them. None more so that The Vernal Hall.  In this nexus of Verdance warmth, bounty and a butt load of dryads tears lead the heroes to solution of the spirits winter rest.
AMs: Andrew
Players: ?

Lord of the Wood
399 - 1999
AMs: Matt S
Players: ?

Kismet's Game
399 AF - 1999
Send email getting team names.
AMs: Dave & Steve
Players: ???

Redemption of Tintze
399 or 400 AF - 1999 or 2000
The nefarious Tintze the Traitor sired not only Ot Yett, but five other children by five other women, each of a differing race. These children together formed an occult order known as the Shadowed Hand. Laver, son of the human fortune teller Lyrehc, was the Hand of Portent. His divinations showed pointed the others to their opportunities. Myriad, a half-sprite, was the Hand of Deception. This shapeshifting daughter of Strasha, covered the Hand's activities with illusions. The elven Naomi Nornweaver gave birth to Brudenko, the Hand of Fortune. This branch of the Shadowed Hand used ever ill-mannered tactic to acquire the wealth the order needed. Whisper, born to the dryad Briar, was the groupís assassin. She was the Hand of Silence. Tiltian was the first born, after Ot Yett. His mother was a succubus and as the Hand of Alliance his job was to gather allies.
Tintze's redemption hinged on undo his acts of evil. The keys to accomplishing this was to free his handmaidens from the prison of the Stronghold of The Shadowed Hand and lastly to save Tintze's true bride Rayne. .
AMs: Andrew
ers: Matt, Kelly, Laura, Razz, Brian, Sean, Malcolm, Steve & Dave.

The War of the Fez
400 - 2000
A crew of neophyte adventurers arrive in Fallenstar to try and deal with the threat of Rytok's Crystal, that holds the essence of the powerful mage Rytok. Arboleth, the Goblin's Tree God, wants the crystal for his own dark purposes, but fortunately Sir Casleon, a founding member of the Guardians of Saarden, has a plan to claim the crystal for a nobler cause.
The crystal is held within Rytok's keep which is warded to slay any powerful or skilled being who entered. Only neophytes such as those that Casleon gathered, could pass through unmarred.
These young heroes faced many challenges in their quest for the crystal but none as daunting as reclaiming Mataar's hat from the goblins in their famous War of the Fez
AMs: Dave
Matt H, Tom, NJ, Demorales the Cursed, Frik and Frak

The Fool's Journey
400 - 2000
Wild Hunt
AMs: Chris, Cory Steve
Players: Albie, Carol, Dave, Kelly Matt S, Sean

The Jester Adv
401 - 2001
Repunzil the Jester makes a return visit to Fallenstar. He first found his way to our fair town during Kismet's Game. This time we find a more desperate harlequin. The Jester in an act of buffoonery and blasphemy manages to offend a host of Fallenstar's divine patrons. The heroes watch as the Jester is blasted out of existence, taking with him each heroes prized possession. The quest to recover their lost items takes them into a world shaded by the jesterís perceptions. They battle puns and bad humor and, to X's mortal dread, a Killer Clown. In doing so, they uncover the Jester's past. Ultimately, the Jester's fate is decided by the heroes. They can damn the harlequin for his careless destruction or save him for his gifts of merriment. In the end, the heroes choose laughter over stern justice.
AM: Dave
Players: Albie, Chris, Cory, Kelly, Malcolm, Matt S, Steve

Crossroads:  The Arcani Quest
401 - 2001
Fallenstar is besieged by Furies, 12 soul-beings that are hunting Mourning Bear.   When the bear totem vanishes into the roots of Navlys the furies vandalize town until temporarily driven off.  To rid the town of their impending return, a band of five adventurers find themselves in the wilds of Crossroads, a juncture of trade routes between four of the great settlements of the ShadowLands.  Here the five must discover what happened to Bear, his tribe and their hated enemies the gnolls.
AMs: Jamie, Matt S
Players: Andrew, Dave, Malcolm, Sean, Steve

Strife's Feast
401 - 2001
Evil men come to FallenStar when most of it's defenders are away.  Those that remain are either slain or entangle with the hostile saytrs.  The leave two graveyards scarred.  Does anyone know why they came?
AMs: Steve
Andy, Brian, Brooke, Chris, Cory, Jamie, Laura, Malcolm, Matt, Razz, Shaun and Tom

The Temple of Karan-Tal
402 - 2002
A band of four citzens of Fallenstar found themselves faced with another time tossed terror.  Not one from the future but from the dark past.  Erik and Gift joined two neophyte adventurers: Cepolgara and Ligessac when the Telltaler's archeo-locus had unearthed remnants of a lost temple of Ymir, called Karan-Tal, and threatened to free the demon known as the Moratan.  The four were aided by the only surviving monk of the order, Athon, who was a child of the last apprentices at the time the temple had to be abandoned because of the oncoming Wizard War.  The four discovered that they needed three artifacts: the Ray of Dawn, the Frost Orbs, and the Rod of Blood to enter the lost temple and reseal the Moratan's prison.  Through various tasks they found the needed items that had also been excavated by the Archeo-Locus.  Together they vanquished the Moratan before it escaped its arcane prison and resealed the lost temple as it vanished behind the veil of Time once more.
AMs: Able
Players: Brooke, Matt H, Shaun, Trish

Age of Order
402 - 2002
Chells, Mathellyn Raith and Thomas are flung into the future.  Instead of good old Fallenstar they are in the bleak and sterile Neo Fallenstar.  Magic is outlawed and peoples lives have expiration dates.  THERE ARE NO SPIRITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Auuuugggghhhhh!!!!!!!!   

In this yet to come era, they found that a conclave of mages, known as the Cabal, had harnessed the powers of Order to rescue themselves and their town from a hoard of ravaging demons.  Unfortunately, the Cabal had not stopped there.  After the demons fell before their army of golems and geodesic Avatars of Order, the Cabal began to wipe out the undead, then the goblins, then the sprites, then the fay, then human spell-casters.  In the end, the Cabal had cleansed the world of almost all magics except those drawn directly from the wellspring of Order.  The common folk in this world were miserable folk whose lives were endless structure, production, and toil.  They were in constant fear of the Cabal's cleansings and eagerly burned witches (anyone suspected of spell-craft), so as to avoid the onslaught of the Cabal's golems.  Their lives were so organized that even the moment of one's death was known and planned for and to Chells horror once you died you were simply dead! No spirits!
Needless to say the small band of adventures thought the Age of Order to be, in Raith's words "No fun!" The four traveled from Neo-Fallenstar (a magically cleansed and rebuilt version of modern Fallenstar) to Crossroads (a last refuge of nature magics) to discover how this era had come about.  Over the day they uncovered the role that a desperate spell-caster, Kendric the Candle Mage, had played in bring about the Cabal and Order's rise to power.  They also found themselves allied with the last diabolic refugee of Perdition, who had thus far avoided the Cabal's witch-hunters.  This slovenly demon called Entropy helped the four manage to escape to the past through a combination of imprisoned magics of the Cabal's stronghold the Overwatch.
It remains to be seen whether the four time-weary pilgrims will be able to stop this Age of Order from ever occurring or whether they have simply glimpsed the horrors to come.
AMs: Jamie
Players: Dave, Malcolm, Matt S, Steve

The Elemental Wars: Earth
402 AF - 2002
Long ago, Adaoman the Elemental Lord of Earth found his followers and holy grounds besieged by myriad enemies. It was a war of attrition fought over ages that continually weakened Adaoman's foothold in the mortal realm. Eventually, when the last of his shamans was betrayed and killed, Adaoman set a plan in place to someday restore his former power and influence. The muses selected a band of five adventurers: Kespin, Mataar, Ex Ardesco, Auri Lee and Bear, to restore the Earth Lords providence by bringing the spirit of his final follower to his only remaining uncorrupted holy ground. To get into Adaoman's Sanctuary of Earth in Crossroads the five had to overcome eight tests of virtue. Once they had passed these challenges they unleashed Adaoman's power to allow some of them to become an Acolyte of Earth and forge a new holy ground near Fallenstar. The five adventurers also uncovered the truth of the Earth Wars and began to uncover a portion of the hidden truths behind the greater scheme of the Elemental Wars.
AMs: Andrew
Players: Brian, Chris, Jamie, Matt R, Tom

The Elemental Wars: Water
403 AF - 2003
Raith, Chells, Mathellyn and Kelloran find themselves embroiled in the next chapter of the Elemental Wars.  They learn of the series of blood feuds that have plagued and weaken the Water Children for generations, known as the Water Wars.  These Water Wars were family versus family, of clan versus clan, house versus house and brother versus brother.  They decimated a once powerful race and diluted their bloodline down from monarchs of the seas to mere dowsers and alchemists. 
The Sprites Festival is being celebrated in Fallenstar for the first time in years.  After the Second Fallenstar-Sprites Realm Treaty was signed in 397 and several years of peaceful relations between the sprites and humans have passed, Fallenstarís Council of Four and the visiting royal Sprite ambassadors, King Solon and his advisor/brother Thrang the Mirror Mage, have decided to reenact the age-old holy day celebrating an armistice.  
Despite the renewal of diplomatic relations between the two races, tensions rose quickly.  The 5th ward, the Sprites Ward, detected excessive amounts of water magics and King Solon was left insensate by an unseen force.    The deluge of hydromancy was caused by caused by the Nexus of Water in the Spritesí Realm being desecrated.   It did not penetrate the townís protective barrier but soul-magics, new foes such as the Naga and aquatic treasures were scattered throughout the surrounding area.  It was discovered that both the torrent of water magics and the siphoning off of Solonís soul was the handiwork of the Vintner, who was gathering and filtering out bits of soul-essence to find and repair his own soul.  In the end, it was revealed that the Vintner was in fact the now-no-longer-soulless-spirit of Solonís brother Narzynn, the Water Mage and once Crown-Prince of the Sprites. 

AMs: Andrew
Players: Steve, Albie, Malcolm, Matt S

The Bard of Two Cities
403 AF - 2003
Repunzelís not so triumphant return!  This time the town really does want to lynch him and not just for his bad puns.  Repunzel is blamed for the townís luck turning sour.  Five heroes from distant Freehold are drawn to Fallenstar to save the Jesterís hash from an angry mob and a hangman out for justice.  These five visitors from afar set out to unravel Maliceís plot to use Repunzel spoil luck wherever he treads and to imprison her nemesis Kismet.
AMs: Dave
Players: Paul, Eric, Paulie, Nick, Larry

The Boggarts
403 AF - 2003
A string of bad luck leads the town to become infested by boggarts.  These nasty blood fay have moved into the deadwood of Fallenstarís buildings.  Four of its favored, Stone, X, Mathellyn and Erik learn that, if they do not find the means to drive out the boggarts, Fallenstar will be left a ghost town.  Unfortunately, the means to free the town seems to be at the cost of an innocent soul.  Damned if they do and damned if they donít, X and Stone muddle through to the bitter end and with the help of the enigmatic Keepers of Law and the once-lost goddess Kismet
AMs: Steve
Players: Andrew, Chris, Matt S, Shaun

 The Cultistís Revenge
403 AF Ė 2003
With his plot to free his demonic master the Moratan from the Temple of Karan-Tal foiled, Dorane, the tattoo servant, seeks his revenge upon those who spoiled his plans: Gift, Ligessac and Madera.  Using the Talon of the Moratan, the only portion of the demon to escape its prison, to mimic the Moratanís greatest power, Possession!  Using the talon, Dorane's mind jumped from host body to host body, taunting his old foes by endlessly whispering ''I see you!" and threatening to kill them all unless they gave him the three artifacts that lock the gates of the Moratan's prison. 
The trio decided to seek out Dorane in his liar.  He is hidden in an abandoned den that once belonging to the Cult of the Pentacle, but in order to find him the trio had to barter with a mad hermit, Maglorian, who once was a Cult of the Pentacle leader.  They endured the brow beatings of Tarquin, Provost of the Great School of Magic, whose spirit is trapped within Ligessacís magic tome.  To protect themselves from the Moratanís corrupting, they had to find child-like joy by collecting children's toys scattered through the woodlands influences and attend the magic show of Orin the Traveling Magician.  In the dark of night they crawled through the Warren, where the trio found and vanquished Dorane by mystically exiling him into the same realm that the Moratan is trapped. 
The following day the trio were able to free Chak from a dark curse that Gift had inadvertently placed on his grave the year before.  She had plucked a black runestick that made her take a mirror shard from the Forest of the Damned and place it on a grave, Nani and Chakís grave.  Chak was turned into a goblin-slaying wraith.  Fortunately, the trio undid the foul curse and freed Chakís spirit. 

AMs: Able & Andrew
Players: Brooke, Matt H, Cory

The Burden of Order (Templar)
404 AF Ė 2004
Chells has used his Believerís ability to break himself and Thomas, Mathellyn and Raith free of the demonic taint of Entropy.  The ripples from the futuristic Age of Order are moving back through time.  There has been a collision between Order and Chaos as events that are destined to bring about the Age of Order begin to manifest.  Chellís summoned his Templar, his men of faith, Kelloran the Hand of Life, X the Agent of Balance, Ullr the Pilgrim, Auri Lee the Truth Seeker and Thomas the Devotee.  These five traveled through time as Time Phantoms to witness horrors of the coming of the Age of Order.  Returning to the present, the five templar with the assistance of Orin the Magician found the means to either delay or perhaps completely halt the coming of the Avatars of Order and to break free of the taint of Chaos. 
AMs: Jamie & Andrew
Players: Chris, Brian, Albie, Dave, Jon

 The Rivenhouse
404 AF Ė 2004
The falling star plummeted from the heavens and struck the Rivenhouse obliterating it, the Baron Alant Greywind and his entire family.  The grand manor was rived into component parts.  Each room was split off from the whole of the house and pulled into some type of a rift.  Periodically, the Rivenhouse will appear in a locale and remain for a few days to weeks and then it will vanish again.  The Rivenhouse reappeared in Fallenstar 404 years after it had vanished in the explosive starfall.  Its rooms were scattered about the vicinity, and when they manifested the rooms were shaped by and merged into the surrounding landscape.  Raith, Thomas, Ligessac and Ullr explored the numerous chambers such as the Masterís Study, the Attic, the Childís Bedroom, the Dinning Hall and the Arboretum.  The four adventurerís most sinister and astonishing discovery was that the collision of the falling star and the Rivenhouse was no accident; it was the ploy of dark, demonic forces. 
AMs: Andrew & Albie
Players: Dave, Jon, Malcolm, Matt H



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