The ShadowLands  

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The Ages

The Planes

The Shadowlands is a world of heroes and darkness. 

Humanity shares the land with many others.  There are the Fey, uncanny creatures ranging from Elves to Booka, each gifted by farie magics.  There are the brutish Goblins and there ilk, Ogres and Hobgoblins. There are Trolls and Treants, Sprites and Spirits.

We hold our own with swords and spells and often shear determination.  Our mages cast conjure blasts of force, while the fighter classes can wield awesome black weapons.  Druids seek to preserve the balance between us and the living world.  Templars attempt to do the same with the spiritual worlds.

There are benevolent Gods and hateful ones and Demons watch us from the Abyss.

Those who have died can remain beloved friends or turn into the ravenous undead.

Gems and coins cane be found in the oddest places as each Gnome and Bendith Yammu seek to hide their loot.  Dryrad's Tears adorn the trees and the Farie Rings hide among the ferns.  Take one of one or leave five of another.  Find the puzzle first and be sure to turn the stone.  Learn the rules for curses will follow the unknowning or the unwary.

Travel with care and watch for treasure.  And always remember..... Everything!!!!!!!!!



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