The founders of FallenStar  



The Founders of FallenStar

The ShadowLands



Favored of FallenStar

The Land

Mira Starseer was the diviner that first predicted the fall of the Great School in falling of star.  She brought her people from the doom that would have consumed them in the Wizard Wars and the Necromancer's Armies and brought them to a new home which became the town of FallenStar.  After her death Mira remained to guide her people, residing in the DuskGround Graveyard.  There she fasioned the Glyph of the Falling Star.  This vessle often will contain valuable knowledge about the state of the ShadowLands.  As of Late Mira has been changing.  Many believe she is close to assending from spirit into higher being.

Margen was the warrior and protector of FallenStar.  Weilding the mighty blade, DoomHerald, he drove off the hordes of monsteres and undead that roamed the lands, giving the sages and wizards time to erect wards around the fledgling FallenStar.

Jequa the Red was just such a mage.  Those dangers that could illude Margenn's steel, he bested by magic.  One of his earliest tasks was to gather as many gifted villagers as he could and weild them into a fellowship of learning and defence.  To this day Jequa's order now know as the Mage's Guild is a force of great influence and talent.

Tintze the Trader was an enimga to both then and now.  He single- handedly shaped the Merchant's Guild and set up a stable economic system for FallenStar.  He financed many ventures that enabled the tiny village to grow into the town it is today.  Yet there was a dark side to the rogue that would come to light in the years to follow.  The Founder's mechinations might even spell the end of the very town he helped create.


Notes: For those new to our world, death is not the end.  The spirit still is able to contact and  interact with the living. Head over to Life & Death under The Shadowlands or the Spirits section for more info.

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