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Those that live near the rivers, lakes and marshes of the ShadowLands do not worry so much about the woodland trolls or tree Dweling goblins.   Their fears are of the dripping denizens that rise from the waters. There are a number of  creatures that live (or unlive) on the banks and beneath the surface.   There is also the dreaded Siliths.  Lets list the first of these and then we will get to the Scaled-ones.


Names Colors.jpg (10702 bytes) Class Lvl Hps Powers
Fetchs wpeB.jpg (2193 bytes) Conjurer 1-3



Fetches are spirits of the those who have drown.  Cheated of a noble death they hate the living. They fight with magic only and as spirits cannot be harmed by base physial damage.  They will fight singling or, if many drowned togther, as a pack.

Drowned Dead Cutthroat 5 12 Oozing flesh Gout of Leeches

These water-logged zombies died much the same way as Fetches but in tainted waters.  The evil charged the body and awoke them as zombies.

Vodnik Higlander 10 19 Absorb Flesh

No one knows if this a a single creature drapped in body parts or a composite of many corpses.  It lives and hunts the waters.  It's shabling form usually has extra or  limbs hanging from it or other lumpy protutions of flesh where a body part has been attached. It is said to have hidden one of its ribs in the marshes and it cannot be entirely destoyed unless that rib is broken.


Names Colors.jpg (3048 bytes) Class Lvl HPs Powers
Kelpie   Cutthroat 5 12 River Jinx
River Hex

Possibly one of the fey, these creatures often more troublesome than dangerous.  They will beg for treasure from those they encounter.  If they are refused they will curse  the person with a Hex (3rd level curse) and attack them.  They will only attack until they are near dead and then they will use an Escape skill. If they are given something a little worth they will just jinx the person (1st or 2nd level).  If they are given something good they will give the person a river rock containing a number of boons (2-5 depending on how good gift is)  Boons can be used for any sphere but divinations work twice as well (1 boon = 2nd lvl div )

Merro   Swordmen 7 14 Blood Blade 3

hese creatures obviously are relates somehow to the Fairies and the Sprites.  Thier hatred of humans in absolute for some reason.  They are exceptional sowrdfighters and usually weild very deadly blades

.Naga are snake-spirits of water, which appear sometimes as snakes, sometimes as semi-humans with snake tails, and quite often as humans. The race has two skills that make them very dangerous. The first is their mesmer and the second is the posions they can spit in combat. Near nothing is known of know of their culture for they have not been seen in centuries. Until a few years ago, it was thought that they were extinct.

Names Colors.jpg (3048 bytes) Class Lvl HPs Powers
Asp Naga   Swordsmen 4 13 Gaze of Fear
Slow Death 1
Viper Naga   Swordsmen 6 15 Weakening Venom
Paralyzing Gaze
Slow Death 2
Drake Naga   Swordsmen 9 18 Numbing Venom
Entralling Gaze
Slow Death 3


Power Lvl Effect
Absorb Flesh 4 Same as the 4th level Cure Serious Wounds spell
Blood Blade 5 Same as the level Enchant Weapon spell. 
ie Blood Blade 3 = Enchant Weapon 3
Corrupting Flesh 5 This spell is cast during the combat phase but hangs until the melee phase.  Any player the caster touches during combat will contract a Magical Disease.  Touch must be solid (grabbing a piece of clothing doesn't count) and be made by body contact (touching player with a sword doesn't count either)
Crushing Blow 5 Same as the 5th level Enchant Weapon 5 spell
Enthralling Gaze 5 For the duration of the combat the target of the spell will  fight to the death to defend the caster.  If the caster or his/her minions turns on the Enthralled player the spell will be broken.  Asking the target to kill or disarm his/herself will have the same effect.
Gaze of Fear 2 Same as the 2nd level Fear spell
Gout of Leeches 6 Same as the 3th level Damage Shield 3 spell. Leeches may be diseased.
Oozing Flesh 4 Same as the 4th level Heroism 2 spell
Nausea 1 Same as the 1st level Trance spell.  Player should spend that first minute of melee retching.
Numbing Venom 4 Same as the 4th level Neutralize weapon spell.  Effected fighter is too weak to fight.  They should not block though they can stumble in the way if they wish.
Paralyzing Gaze 4 Same as a Spell 2 spell but can lifted at the casters will.  (No surrounding victim)
River Jinx 1-2 Same as the 1st or 2nd level Curse spells.
River Jinx 3 Same as the 3rd level Curse spell.
RiverWalk 4 Same as the 4th level Teleport to Safety spell
Slow Death 1-5 Works like a Damage Shield spell but damage is toxic not magical.   Beyond the initial damage taken the effected party has a poisioned by a Type D toxin.   The level of the poison coorisponds to the level of the Slow Death
Terror 5 Same as a Fear spell but can effect up to 4 targets
Unholy Form 5 Same as the 5th level Aura of Protection 3 spell
Wasted Skin 2 Same as the 5th level Super Heroism spell
Weakening Venom 3 Same as the 3rd level Negate Attack spell.  Effected fighter is too weak to deilver solid first strike.



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