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The three most common undead are Skeletons, Zombies and Banshees.  In time I'm sure the others will be presented as well.  Skeletons are fighters, Zombies are a cutthroat bunch (sry about that ) and Banshees are mages.  Also note it is not uncommon for Banshees to have tattoos.

Names Colors.jpg (10702 bytes) Class Lvl Hps Powers
Lesser Skeletons wpeB.jpg (2193 bytes) Sword/Brawler 1-3


Moss Bones Skeleton Sword/Brawler 4 13 _
Dark Boned Skeleton Sword/Brawler 6 15 Baleful_Stare
Bleached Bone
Sword/Brawler 8 17 Baleful_Stare
Silvered Bone
Sword/Brawler 9 18 Baleful_Stare
Death's Head Scion 10 19 Gaze_of_Death


Names Colors.jpg (3048 bytes) Class Lvl HPs Powers
Blood Zombie   Cutthroat 1 8 _
Puss Zombie   Cutthroat 3 10 Toxic_Flesh_1
Gangreneous Zombie   Cutthroat 4 11 Toxic_Flesh_2
Icor Zombie   Cutthroat 6 13 Toxic_Flesh_2
Hoar Zombie   Cutthroat 8 15 Numbing_Cold
Juggernaut   Cutthroat 10 17 Corrupting_Flesh


Names Colors.jpg (3048 bytes) Class Lvl HPs Powers
Rage Banshee   Duelist 1 4 Banshee_Wale_1
Foul Banshee   Destroyer 3 6 Banshee_Wale_1
Ancient Banshee   Warlock 5 8 Banshee_Wale_2
Spellfire Banshee   BattleMage 7 10 Banshee_Wale_3
Night Hag   BattleMage 10 13 Death_Cry


Power Lvl Effect
Ancient Hatred 2 Same as the 2nd level Rage spell
Baleful Stare 2 Same as the 2nd level Fear spell
Banshee Wale 1-5 Same as a Spell Strike of the same level except it must be spread ( damage but hits 1-4 players)
Corrupting Flesh 5 This spell is cast during the combat phase but hangs until the melee phase.  Any player the caster touches during combat will contract a Magical Disease.  Touch must be solid (grabbing a piece of clothing doesn't count) and be made by body contact (touching player with a sword doesn't count either)
Crushing Blow 5 Same as the 5th level Enchant Weapon 5 spell
Death Cry 6 Same as the 6th level Spell Strike spell. It must be spread ( damage but hits 1-4 players)
Enthrall 5 For the duration of the combat the target of the spell will  fight to the death to defend the caster.  If the caster or his/her minions turns on the Enthralled player the spell will be broken.  Asking the target to kill or disarm his/herself will have the same effect.
Fossilize 5 The caster hardens itself to the point where swords under blue do no Base Physical damage to the caster.  Axes under under green do no BP dmg either.
Gaze of Death 6 Same as the 6th level Spell Strike spell. It cannot be spread
Nausea 1 Same as the 1st level Trance spell.  Player should spend that first minute of melee retching.
Numbing Cold 3 Same as the 3rd level Hypnotic Pattern spell
Reflection 4 Can only be cast on self.  All spells cast at the reflective creature are turn back to effect their caster instead.
Soul Chain 6 Binds the Target players Soul to the Caster.  If the player dies but is rasied later they are without a soul and will become an Undead.  Only a quest or the destruction of the Caster will halt this fate.
Terror 5 Same as a Fear spell but can effect up to 4 targets
Toxic Flesh 1-5 Works like a Damage Shield spell but instead of inflicting magical damage it poisons the striker with a Type A toxin instead.   The level of the poison coorisponds to the level of the Toxic Flesh power.
Unholy Form 5 Same as the 5th level Aura of Protection 3 spell
Wraithform 4 Same as the 4th level Wraithform spell



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