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First and foremost I'd like to thank Maggie The Jackcat.   I had been stewing over rebulding the MC webpages for years and it wasn't until I found her site that I figured out just how I wanted to put this all together.  Thx Maggie. Not only for having the best AC info site on the Web but for building such a good template too.

Here are some other places you might be interested in:

Mithril Circle Yahoo Groups Site - Email and uploads

Satelite Photo of the Land  - Want to see where we play and what the lay of the land is?

PunAndGames - For those of you who love REALLY bad humor, you'll be right at home at Dave's site for his performance group.  (must stress REALLLY REALLY bad puns) 

Map to Brattleboro - Has weather conditions section and drive time calculator

Web Site Flashback -  Just for yucks you can follow this link to find the first website I made for the circle.  Some parts I like better some not.  If I ever get time will try and full integrate them both together.  The big plus is for all those who have begged for it some of the Legacy's are there.  Getting the rest of them up is high on the To Do List.


If anyone has cool sites they wish to add to this page, let me know.

Sample of Boneyard

Map of the Elemetal Planes of Astria



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