Welcome to the FallenStar

.I am Chells, the town's gravetender.
.What can I tell you of FallenStar? Well I am sure the town chroniclers could inform you of the exact year it was founded. I am afraid the best I can do is to tell you that as the Phoenix fell, signaling the end of the Age of the Great School and the beginning of the Age of Necromancer, Mirah saw in a vision the town that was to be FallenStar. So it was somewhere in the first few years of new calendar.
.If you wish to know of the town's military history ask the knights, though I would be happy to tell you about the heroes of those battles.
.If it is magic you are interested in, try the channeler or alchemy shops, but I can speak to you of the great mages and alchemists who have lived and died here.
.The pattern should be obvious by now. I am not great at facts and dates. I know the town's history because those who have died here and have come into my care have told me their stories. So while I may not be able to give you a clear history of FallenStar or the rest of the ShadowLands, I can tell you about the souls who have lived here.
.That is what I shall try to do here. As I am able, I shall post stories of the spirits I have come to know. These will change as I pen new ones or as others who have made record of a spirit's tale send them to me.
.In time I shall add more features, for Kismet has spoken to me again of another game which she wishes me to put forth within these pages and the scribes have asked for a place to leave their mark on the world, their Legacy, so to speak.
.For starters I have but one volume in my library an but a single spirits tale but give me a few weeks and I shall have ever so much more for you to see.

 May Melcynda grant you peace.

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