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The Ages


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The Time of Being - The first Creatures inhabit the the ShadowLands.  They are singular and immortal (in other words there are not Owls there is only The Owl)

Age of Races - The True Beings divide themselves and so instead of unique entities the Shadowlands sees the birth of Races.

The Age of Storms - A dark primitive age where the the First Children discover war.   It is believed that mankind's first deities arose from this age.

The Age of the Ancient Ones - an era that happened so long ago it can't be remembered at least 3 to 4,000 years ago.  This age contained the Elemental Wars and saw the rise of The Lost Gods.

The Age of the Kingdoms - year 0 - 1,000 G.S., this was a dark age of feudal lords and minor kingdoms.  War between kingdoms was as common as between demon force which were strong.  Wars between the religions orders also arose as the New Gods gathered power.

The Age of the Empire - 1,000 - 2,000 G.S. this was a time of order and organized resistance to the forces of evil.  It had many renaissance's and dark times, but a millenium long reign of Emperors and Empresses brought about a stable civilization. The Lost Gods fall from power and the New Gods become simply the Gods.

The Age of the Great School - 2,000 - 3339 G.S. this was an era were nobility was no longer as valued as much as magical knowledge and power.   In a stable society, magical and scholarly pursuits flourished.  The 7 year Wizard War destroyed the Great School, and closed the era.

The Age of the Necromancer - year 1 - 250 A.F. Necronias who orchestrated the end of the Great School ruled during this dark time.  Forces of death and demonic magics were very strong.  The Gods are brought down by the Necromancer

The Age of Vanquishing - 250 A.F. - 400 A.F. Necronias, Thadun, Thaleus are defeated.  Their minions are weak.   A new age of order and discovery begins.  The Gods become the Old Gods and the Spirits Gods are born out of the Necromancer's trials.

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What the Age is now is unknown as yet.  For the past 10 years the Dark Forces have been rising again.  The Forest of the Damn has doubled in size.   Signs are pointing towards another Age of Darkness but one must not rule out the Heroes of the realm.  Another Age of Light may be dawning. 


Notes: This is just a small sample of the ages.   For many reasons the ages after the first few mythological ages and before the latest well known ages have not been shown.   The middle 3 ages shown are a VERY broad overview, each likely made up of many of actual Ages.  An Age is usuall about 200-500 years in length.

Also note that Ages are not usually dead on specific years.  The latest age probably ended at least 8 years ago but is label to have changed on the turning of the century.  Sometime a specific event denotes the Changing of an Age (the Fall of the Great Scholl), in those cases a specifc year may be used.

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