The Whitestone Cemetery  





Forest of the Condemned

The Pauper's Graveyard

The HearthsEnd Cemetery

The CrossBone Downs

The Forest of the Damned

The Gnomish Burial Ground

Woodland Spirits

Elder Spirits

Aliana - Sorceress.  Discovered that secrets of the Talon of Souls and was killed by the Cult of the Dead for them.  The Cult went on to trap living people into the Talon and release them in the Forest of the Damned in order to shorten the time of Thaudun;s banishment.  She was freed and brought back to FallenStar in 393 AF (maybe 394).

Anatee - One of the spirit's returned to FallenStar during Kismet's Game.  She is brash and opinionated.  A warrior through and through. She and her companions were FallenStar's heroes about 20 years ago. Her comrades are; Dasket, Fredrick, Grail and  Ivy (some of these would include Hadest in their number, though Anatee does not).  This burly babe seems to have taken a shine to Ex.

Bobrek - This townguardman was brought back during the War of the Fez.  His one and only concern is the safety of FallenStar.  Of all the heroes of FallenStar this guardsman had fixed the lost Tuan as his ear of choice.

Boone - This faithful hound found FallenStar about the same time we did.  He was relentless in his hunt for leftovers and possibly the worst hunter in all of the ShadowLands.  Death it seems has sharpened his senses for he has many a time pointed out perils and paths.  Before you begin any a holiday, buy yourself a spiritual bone and see what Boonie has to say.

Britya - Wife of Sinjinkin and mother of Pryval.   She has no love at all for Druids as it was their order that comdemned her son to the FOD.  She was recently imprisoned herself, though her confinement was in the FOC, for her actions to avenge her son.  She is a healer by trade.

Caster of Names aka The TellTaler - Stripped of his identity by Necronias this spirit will stop at nothing to recover himself.  He has meddled with time and history.  He has used the heroes of FallenStar time and again for generations either to exact revenge on the Necromancer or to find the truth he seeks.  While his ultimate goals are more often good than evil, his methods can be ruthless, sacrificing any pawn to achieve his ends.  He is an Elder Spirit and only loosely tied to his bones in the WhiteStone.  Tow of the powerful artifacts he controls are The Tomb of Ages and the Phoenix Heart.

Croquer - This gravetender was first found in ShadowGlade.  It was his efforts which enabled the graves to be rescued from the ruins and moved here to FallenStar.  His closest living comrade is Chells, who he has tasked with finding him away to free himself from his bones so he can help spirits beyond his current reach.

Charnus - Bald, burly, irritable and impatient.  Sound familiar.  Actually I was refer to the one time denizen of the WS, Charnus.  This smith was a master at creating and enhancing magical weaponry.  Unable to do so dead he bullied and bargained his way back into life.  Currently his grave stands empty but for some reason Chells feels it would be a bad thing to remove the stone at this time.

Dasket - The brains behind last generations heroes.  A scribe with a flair for problem solving, Dasket was also the one of the groups peacemakers.

Derjuc - One of the leaders of the Low-School Mages.  He and nine of his fellow mages lead the revolt against the High-School Mages.  Each mage was given a number.  Derjuc was X, for he was the tenth.  He is also the last survivor.  The other nine mages have been transformed into the the wards, the undead guardians of FallenStar.

Edjimar - A drunk with a penchant for song.  Really bad song.  He witness the destruction of ShadowGlade after drinking a medley of Narzen pools.  Fixed is eternal inebriation, Edjimar boasts that he can identify any drinkable substance poured on his grave, possibly even tell you what it is made of.

Fredrick - This silent woodsman has possible the shortest spirit speeches in the ShadowLands.  If he utters two or three words you are lucky.  Yet he is ever vigilant.  Often one can learn something of value by just looking quietly over his shoulder now and then.

Gildust - Applepicker.   He would often hind coins in his apple crops and so get the local kids to pick for him in hopes of finding a copper.  He is good natured and a good judge of character.   His only enemy seems to be the cruel DalCur.

Grail -

Hadest -

Hergyn -

Inselvargus -

Ivy -

Myra -

Ot Yett -

Sarsha -

Sinjinkin -

The Gatekeeper -

Vargo -

Wren -

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