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Cash for Coin

From: Andrew
Date: 02 Oct 2005
Time: 13:06:24
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Hello, I have run a number of adventures over the years and kept my receipts as was the practice so I could get reimbursed. Unfortunately, money has been tight for the last 4-5 years and so I can't get paid back. What I am asking is that these receipts get turned into game coin. My reasons are: 1) You can buy coin in the game at a $1 to 1 CP convertion. 2) You can get game coin through Brownie Points such as Jon bought scuply and made fairy mushroooms and was awarded game coin. 3) Although I have paid in full, I have not been run as a player in 2 years and thus have no ability to earn any money as Stone except for my shop. Please let me know your thoughts for or against this idea. Thanks, Andrew

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