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The Rivenhouse

From: Andrew - awilcox@landmark.edu
Date: 23 Feb 2004
Time: 22:21:19
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The Rivenhouse Adventure will be July 9-11. It is designed for about a dozen players who are new to our land and game system, but are experienced roleplayers. We will be running people pretty new to the Circle; a lot of them will be MJ players. The TEASER: (We may end up will a totally different story by July but here is our current plot concept...) The adventure is called is called The Rivenhouse. It is about a haunted mansion that was rived into separate rooms that appear and disappear in the Shadowlands (our game world). You could be walking in the woods and find yourself in a grove of trees with a library's bookcases and books; you could be field and find a dinning room table set for an evening feast; or you could go upstairs and find the Tavern replaced by a opulent child's playroom. A mystery surrounds you: where are the mansions inhabitants and what happened in the Rivenhouse. If you know of interested players please contact me at awilcox@landmark.edu. Thanks, Andrew

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