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Dispelling Dispel Magic

From: Andrew
Date: 01 Jul 2003
Time: 21:03:58
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I wish to move that we get rid of the spell Dispel Magic. It is a time waster, combat frustrator and system-imbalancer. I wish to play in a game that has magic but is not Magic (the Gathering)where my Drowsie Homonculus has double-triple-counter spell that only works if you are wearing black in a heavy magnetic field. Main point: WAY too many counter magics. Dispel now stops EVERYTHING if it is cast at that moment: Healing, Heroism, Avoidance... EVERYTHING can be stopped. I think Spell Shields, Auras of Prot., Armor, Enchant Armor, etc are enough Battle defenses. We have a wealth of other specific counters to make things challenging: Alch. Shield, Obscure Object, Remove Trap, Erase Glyph, Disenchant, Mask Aura, etc. We don't need an Uber-counter spell that effects every spell in the book. If you Teleport, you get to escape! (unless someone casts Rage, Arena, Shackle, Duel, etc.) You can juice up your weapon, your armor and yourself for a combat and just duke it out! Not wait until we are done dispelling the dispel that dispelled your dispell that dispelled your spell. That style of play is boring and anticlimatic. I vote we kill Dispel Magic!

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