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Re: Business meeting: Thx & 1 more idea on weaps

From: Mataar
Date: 21 Feb 2003
Time: 21:13:58
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I like the idea of mixing in the different weapon types, it would more realistically reflect the weapon's characteristics. Unfortunately, I have to bow to the argument that we're not trying to beat the crap out of each other (which was the original idea behind changing the weapons). In my own humble opinion: those who do not wish to engage in combat ('cause, like, they might get beat up) should simply run like hell, use avoidance and transportation spells, and/or just plain not engage in combat (I mean, hey, if you ain't gonna fight, you ain't gonna fight!). To throw a malatov on the fire: if you's getten to old to fight, then the fight must be getten too old for you! Be a non-combatant NPC or something, the rest of us will take our chances.

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