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Business meeting: Thx & 1 more idea on weaps

From: Steve
Date: 10 Feb 2003
Time: 14:44:41
Remote Name:


Thx to Albie, Andy, Chris, Cory, Liz, Malcolm & Sean for coming.  Brooke also gets a TY for the pre and post meeting calls. 

I think we got most of loose rules nailed down.  I’ll be posting a new “What’s New” this week with the minutes from the meeting sometime this week.

- - - - - - - -

Of course just as you guys were leaving it occurred to me that there might be one more way to handle the Ultralight issue.  For those who did not attend, it was decided that the group would not be using ultralights.  Most everyone favored chipping $10 now and trying to make some mid-range weapons and using them or if the standard weapons.  I know we did not want to mix UL’s Mids and Standards but I just thought of a way to do that makes since.

We limit the weapons by length:
UL’s could range from Knives to Short Swords (Red to Yellow)
Mids could range from Knives to Broad Swords (Red to Blue)
Standards span from Red to Black

Here is my logic.  You could always make a weapon heavier but not necessarily could you make it lighter.  So heavy parrying daggers make sense but featherweight long swords do not.  It also makes sense that a short sword would be A LOT faster than a bastard sword.  Ultralights would accentuate the difference between these two weapons speeds and so actually make the game more realistic rather than less (as I feel ultralight broad swords would).

Let me know what you think?

P.S. Please reply to this thread rather than start a new one.

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