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From: Andrew
Date: 18 Jan 2003
Time: 16:12:04
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Steve you need to add a new age in between the Ages of Ancients and Kingdoms; the Age of Elements - its the time period after the last surviving Ancients fight the Devourer and begins where your Elemenatal War story starts. Its the time period where Yanti starts the Air Mages, Helgelmar (not yet Adaoman) starts the Earth Shamans, the fire children have their 4 cults, and Furlich is running around impregnating everything. The Original Elemental War adventure in West Minster West happens in that age and so does its aftermath. It ends with the uprising of kingdoms. http://www.mithrilcircle.com/FallenStar/Ages.htm

Last changed: 08/11/08
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