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Adventure Summaries

From: Andrew
Date: 06 Dec 2002
Time: 20:21:40
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Here's one summary. The Elemental Wars: Earth Long ago, Adaoman the Elemental Lord of Earth found his followers and holy grounds besieged by myriad enemies. It was a war of attrition fought over ages that continually weakened Adaoman’s foothold in the mortal realm. Eventually, when the last of his shamans was betrayed and killed, Adaoman set a plan in place to someday restore his former power and influence. The muses selected a band of five adventurers: Kespin, Mataar, Ex Ardesco, Auri Lee and Bear, to restore the Earth Lords providence by bringing the spirit of his final follower to his only remaining uncorrupted holy ground. To get into Adaoman’s Sanctuary of Earth the five had to overcome eight tests of virtue. Once they had passed these challenges they unleashed Adaoman’s power to allow some of them to become an Acolyte of Earth and forge a new holy ground near Fallenstar. The five adventurers also uncovered the truth of the Earth Wars and began to uncover a portion of the hidden truths behind the greater scheme of the Elemental Wars.

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