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Re: Pictures!

From: Chells
Category: Events/Calendar
Date: 29 Nov 2002
Time: 08:56:53
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I had planned on getting some photos up here eventually but there are a couple things I was thinking about before I did.

1) Webspace: The mithrilcircle.com site is filling up at a good pace. If I stick to text and board postings I should have plenty of room. If I start adding lots of images, I might not. I have some free web storage from Earthlink but I had planned to use that space for the Legacy's. I probably have space with Yahoo too but I'm not sure. If push comes to shove is anyone out there willing to lend us web space for photos?

2) Style: I looked at a bunch of LRPG sites when I was trying to come design for this site. (Granted in the end I didn't use any of their designs. None were very impressive). Most of them had a photo section and what gave me pause was the photos were REALLY unflattering. I guess for them the photos were memories. For an outsider they were a turn off. That is why I did not set a section aside for photos. My only thought about photographs was to find very cool images and dress them up. Dave's Maxim Zul leap from the barn is a perfect example. Make it more of an art image gallery than a snap shot gallery.
Either way is fine be me though. What do you all want? Big photo album or small art gallery?

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