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Missing Exps

From: Chells
Date: 29 Nov 2002
Time: 08:22:42
Remote Name:


I'm pretty sure everyone is missing exps.   Please look at your character sheet and figure out what events/actions your missing exps for. Post them on this thread.   We then should make a big push to get all the character exps up to date. 

We should also put a end date on this process. How does February 1 sound?  By that time if you have identified missing exps you be awarded either the missing score or if the AM/players/group have not come up with a score for you, you will be given a fair avg score. Something like:
AM's missing player feedback will get an avg score for that player of those players that have given feedback.
Players missing adv exps will get an avg score of exps awarded to the other players. If no players were awarded any exps they will recieve an avg score of prior advs.

If by Feb 1 you have not noted the exps you are missing and they don't get captured in this process, then they may not get up there for your next adv.  I will not be doing any character sheet updates come spring/summer except to update for events that are happening then. 

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